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Welcoming new life at Linden Ponds

Former Navy couple settles in after a lifetime of moves

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October 27th, 2010

Through their 52 years of marriage, Diane and John Pinto made home in Newfoundland, Florida, Texas, Maryland, Rhode Island, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Mr. Pinto s service in the U.S. Navy required frequent relocation, but the couple retired to Plymouth, Mass., where Mr. Pinto was born and began a 20-year second career as a lobsterman. After they had fully retired, the Pintos began considering a move from their house in Plymouth. Mr. Pinto says the yard became too big for him to maintain and the house became too big for his wife. Mrs. Pinto embarked upon the search that ultimately led them to Linden Ponds with caution: I knew one thing for sure; I only wanted to move once, she says.

Resourceful move

Personal Moving Consultant Lynne Ford visited the couple s home to assess what items would fit in their new two-bedroom, two-bath apartment home. The couple also used moving and cleaning resources recommended by Ford, including Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap), a local company that removes unwanted items. The Pintos also enlisted the help of their daughter, who works for Caldwell Banker, and sold the house this summer in just four days. With less time than expected to go through their belongings, the couple decided to put a number of boxes into storage and sort through them when the weather cooled. Just a few weeks after their move, the Pintos were eager to rearrange some of their furniture, but they had already become fully acquainted and comfortable with their space. Mr. Pinto is especially proud of the couple s nautical, Navy-themed guest room/office, which is painted blue and features his Navy medals and paintings that conjure up memories of being a lobsterman. The room houses the Pintos desks and a bed that eagerly awaits visits from grandchildren. In addition to their indoor space, the Pintos are especially pleased with the view from their sixth-floor apartment home. The first night we were here it was absolutely beautiful, Mrs. Pinto remembers. The couple came back from dinner and watched the sunset from their living room window. It doesn t get better than that, and you don t even have to do the dishes, she adds, referencing the one meal each day included in the cost of living at Linden Ponds.

Heavenly living

In addition to their view, the Pintos give high marks to those who work and live at Linden Ponds. The residents are just fantastic here, they re unbelievable. Don t wake me up; I think I m in heaven, Mr. Pinto says. Of the Erickson Living community, he adds: They are organized; everything, right down to the latch on the door, they have thought out. Every resident s front door has an outside latch that drops when the door is opened, indicating that its occupant has left that day. As a safety precaution, staff members will inquire if they see that someone has not left their apartment home all day. The Pintos were caregivers for their own parents; they say they re doing their two children a favor by moving to Linden Ponds, where their safety and well-being is secure. Mr. Pinto looks forward to joining the community s veterans and bowling groups, and both he and his wife plan to explore Linden Ponds fitness center. This is going to be a whole new life, Mrs. Pinto says, following stages of military service, lobster fishing, and raising a family. The Pintos met on a blind date shortly after John Pinto entered the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland and survived four years of strict academy rules. They ve brought their good humor with them to Linden Ponds, where they say they re getting to know each other and catching up on the time they spent separated during Mr. Pinto s service. From his favorite living room armchair with an unobstructed skyline view, he says, I ve been around the world twice and I ll tell you the truth, I m glad to be home.