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Banking in a blizzard

While it snows, sleets, or rains outside, it’s business as usual

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November 23rd, 2010

When it comes to Michigan weather, unpredictability is a certainty especially during the winter months. We all lead busy lives and need to get things done, bad weather or not. Who wants to layer themselves in long johns and flannel; head outside to ice, snow, or freezing rain; wait for the car to warm up; and then drive in the stuff to do their banking? At Fox Run, none of the winter gear is required for a trip to the bank it s conveniently located inside. The climate-controlled hallways provide a warm and toasty link to destinations such as Comerica Bank everything is just a short walk away. Comerica s manager, Kay Debrincat, says, We ve had a great response from customers. Nestled just a few steps away from the Ascot Clubhouse s main lobby, Comerica Bank welcomes customers three days a week. We are a full-service bank, says Debrincat. In 2007, the branch added an extra day to its banking schedule. Due to customer demand, we opened one more day, she says. If that wasn t convenient enough, Comerica s ATM is always open too.

Snow and ice = postponing errands

An article written by Emily Smith of the University of North Carolina Highway Safety Research Center points out that during the winter, many people have a difficult time getting out to get the basics done; what s more, when they do, they are much more prone to slips and falls on the ice. You get seniors who are trapped in their homes and apartments, says Bill Wilkinson, director of the Pedestrian Federation of America in Washington, D.C. They simply can t go anyplace for three weeks at a time and have to depend on family and friends to do grocery shopping and things like that.

Convenience appeals to customers

When we came to Fox Run, we immediately switched to the Comerica branch here, says Barbara Rays, who moved with her husband, Ralph, a former Ford employee, from Dearborn Heights. All we have to do is take the elevator down; it takes about two minutes, she says. The couple feels secure knowing their bank accounts and safety deposit box are close by. Banking wasn t nearly this easy for the Rays before they moved to Fox Run. We had to plan it before, says Mrs. Rays. It wasn t that convenient at all. Mrs. Rays recalls one incident in which she had made an error on a deposit slip she had filled out. With the bank right here, Kay was able to correct it right away for me it was very easy. She points out that, if she had been using her former bank, she would have had to make phone calls, drive to the bank, and wait considerably longer before the error would have been corrected.

Small town ' appeal

Debrincat has been working at the branch for three years. Even when the weather is good, it s nice for customers to know we re so handy, she says. It s a privilege to be in such a wonderful environment. It s like a small town here.