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Singing in the holidays

Wind Crest Chorale warms up for a special season

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November 23rd, 2010

What s the holiday season without a little cheer? The Wind Crest Chorale is serving up holiday favorites to put people in the holiday spirit on December 20, 2010, on campus at Wind Crest, an Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Col. Led by Glen Yarberry, a retired instrumental music teacher for 40 years and a trombone player, the 42-member chorale is working hard to get ready for the performance. They ve not only been learning holiday pieces for December, but they also did a tribute to the members of the Armed Forces in November and a Music Man concert in October. For the concert, they had a band perform with them for 76 Trombones, and Yarberry himself soloed on Til There Was You.

Music Man

Yarberry has always felt a special bond with the musical because that s who he is the Music Man and he also dedicated Til There Was You to his wife, Marybeth, aptly known as the Music Woman she sang professionally in the Chicago Symphony Chorus and is the one who warms up the Wind Crest Chorale. She s brought so much balance to the sound of the chorale by helping the different voices blend and evening out the tone quality, Yarberry says. Though the couple both lead the group and choose the music, it s all a community effort for the community s benefit and enjoyment. Kay Nickolls is the pianist who accompanies the chorale, and Yarberry acknowledges that the group wouldn t sound the same without her talents. The piano is a way of life for her, and she practices every day. She s an amazing and inspiring pianist and person, Yarberry says.

Music for every occasion

Choosing music for the holiday season or for any performance, really is always a fun adventure. The Yarberrys are thoughtful in their exploration of possible pieces because there is a lot to consider, like inclusion for instance. For the holiday program, in addition to performing secular wintery songs, the Wind Crest Chorale will, of course, perform Christmas songs and a Chanukah song called One More Candle. Nostalgia also plays a big role in their selection process. We always try to pick songs appropriate to our audience, Yarberry says. For Yarberry, there s nothing like seeing the audience members faces light up when they hear an old favorite. When people sing along, it can be a meaningful experience for all involved. And while the Yarberrys consider their audience while selecting music, they also make sure they choose a favorite or two of their own. That s one of the benefits of being the director, Yarberry says. To purchase the music, they go to a local store, The Band Box, and work with Jennifer who helps them pick and purchase the pieces. Chorale members pay a small yearly membership fee to offset the cost of music. To perform is an exciting moment for the Wind Crest Chorale. They practice twice a week, but when they re singing in front of others, spreading joy through song, that s when all the effort is worth it.