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Turning her lemons into lemonade

Priority list member turns to Greenspring in time of need

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November 23rd, 2010

Six weeks before her long anticipated retirement, Catherine Kitty McGettigan learned that she would need hip surgery. Rather than dwell on the unfortunate circumstance, she decided to be proactive and take full advantage of her membership on Greenspring s priority list. As a member, McGettigan was able to recover from her surgery at Renaissance Gardens, Greenspring s on-site rehabilitation and assisted living facility. By doing so, she met many wonderful neighbors and received an insider s look into this vibrant community. I joined the priority list after a coworker handed me a copy of the Erickson Tribune, says McGettigan. I had taken care of my elderly mother at home for 22 years. Since I am single and do not have children, I wanted to plan for myself. I thought it was important to find a place where I would not need family to help me.

Unique opportunity

When I learned about the need for my hip surgery, I made the decision to go to Renaissance Gardens because I felt that it would give me a good flavor of what life would be like at Greenspring, says McGettigan. I was right. During my rehabilitation I met several Greenspring residents and not one had a negative thing to say about the community. McGettigan also experienced the exceptional care and commitment of the Greenspring and Renaissance Gardens staff. I was very well cared for, she says. The wide range of activities and the care shown to people was remarkable.

Motivation to move

During her stay at Renaissance Gardens, McGettigan decided that upon the completion of her rehab she wanted to move to Greenspring. Her brothers helped sell her house and she moved in last June. Once I moved I continued to visit my friends at Renaissance Gardens daily, says McGettigan. They are truly wonderful people who mean so much to me. The single most striking thing I ve found at Greenspring and Renaissance Gardens is that the folks are so friendly, she adds. McGettigan has also joined the dominoes group and the Katydids, a social group of women named Katherine, Kathleen, Kay, Kitty, or Katherine. She also enjoys meeting new people every day at Greenspring s Fireside restaurant and Potomac Caf . Outside of Greenspring, McGettigan is a member of the Sweet Adelines, a highly respected worldwide organization of women singers committed to advancing the musical art form of barbershop harmony through education and performance. I am happy with my decision to move to Greenspring, says McGettigan. Rehabilitating at Renaissance Gardens was a good choice for me. I met dear friends and really got a flavor for life here. During a time of transition, which is what I was experiencing, it was good to know what to expect and to like it.