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Wind Crest’s home support services not just for people

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November 23rd, 2010

What exactly does home support mean? The home support department at Wind Crest offers a broad range of services and is available to everyone who lives there. If residents need support with something anything all they have to do is ask, says Tabitha Klataske, the home support scheduler and a certified nursing aide. But home support isn t just for community members who need medical services. There are times when people become busy or feeling under the weather; during those times, life is easier when there s an extra helping hand to pitch in around the home. Say, for instance, your dog needs to go for a walk. What if you ve sprained your ankle and are having difficulty keeping up with your four-legged friend? What if you have a cold and don t want to walk the dog in the rain? Home support has staff who will actually walk dogs and even feed or take care of any kind of pet you may have. We call it pet care because, while most of the residents have dogs or cats, we do have a resident who has frogs that his granddaughter caught for him. So we occasionally do frog care, Klataske says. Home support aides, who are all licensed certified nursing aides, will take dogs out for a walk for both exercise and for what Klataske calls potty trips. If a resident just wants the latter, then the aide will only take the dog outside for a bathroom break. The aide is also responsible for cleaning up after the dog. (There are many designated doggy stations around Wind Crest that provide plastic bags for cleaning up after a pet.)

Not just pet care

In addition to pet care, home support at Wind Crest offers everything from a simple medicine reminder to a complex visit involving medical care and cleaning, meal preparation, help with showers, and almost anything you could think of, as long as it s allowed by state law for a certified nursing aide to do, Klataske says. Home support has nurses available Monday through Friday who do medicine management, assessments and care plans for residents, and supervisory visits. All a Wind Crest resident has to do is call the home support department and schedule services. Standard Home Support fees apply for all services offered. For more information, please contact 303-876-8420.