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Winter: a magical time to sell your house

Carolyn Burlew did it in ten days

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November 23rd, 2010

December is known for houses that smell of cinnamon, cider, and fresh-baked cookies and homes filled with lights in celebration of the holidays. On the other hand, the month of December is not traditionally known as a time for selling houses. But the wintertime can be a great time to sell your house. Suzanne McAllister, personal moving consultant for Maris Grove, an Erickson Living community in Glen Mills, Pa., offers this advice on giving your house the wintertime market boost: There is less competition for selling in the winter. Everyone thinks the spring is the best time to put a house on the market, but the competition is greater, and certain homes sell very well in the winter. Folks can showcase fireplaces, cozy rooms, and private lots, even in the middle of winter. They also don t have to worry about keeping the landscaping perfectly manicured, so it makes showing a home a bit easier. Carolyn Burlew, who lives at Maris Grove, sold her house in November 2009, and settlement happened just before the big blizzards of 2010. In fact, on her settlement date, it snowed but not enough to keep her away.

Sold in ten days

Burlew s house sold in ten days, and she was glad she got to move before the big blizzards. She says she doesn t know what she would have done if she had to deal with the multiple snowstorms with the snow removal that comes along with homeownership, with being stranded in the house, with stocking up on groceries, not to mention the long-term wear and tear that heavy snowstorms have on houses. Being at Maris Grove, the only thing Burlew had to do was get cozy in her new home as the snow fell outside her window. Getting her house ready for sale was a bit challenging because Burlew was in a unique situation. She had moved back in with her mother decades before, after her father died. So in addition to her own furniture and personal items, she had over 50 years worth of her parents possessions. To help with the downsizing, McAllister referred Burlew to Survival Essentials, a small company on the preferred list ofErickson Realty and Moving Services. The move managers did everything from sorting and packing to sending antiques to auction to clearing out the house for settlement and completely moving Carolyn into her home at Maris Grove within 24 hours. They also gave Carolyn great emotional support, McAllister says. Burlew says she was especially pleased with the handling of one item in particular, a pre-revolutionary grandfather clock a Philadelphia original that had been in her family for hundreds of years. The history of Burlew s family is contained in the woodcarvings of the clock, in the gears and hands that tell time.

Like magic

With the clock nestled inside her new home and everything unpacked and put in its place, Burlew looks back at the whole process of moving to Maris Grove with awe. I never would have gotten out of my house if it weren t for the help of [Erickson Realty and Moving Services], Burlew says. What they do is like magic.