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‘We liked it right away!’

Couple jumps into life at Linden Ponds

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December 21st, 2010

We liked it right away; we liked everything about it! Lynn Sirois says of the first impressions of Linden Ponds she shared with her husband, Rod. The couple was living in a 55-plus condominium community in Bow, N.H., when they began looking to move closer to their daughter and son-in-law in Medford, Mass. Having lived in Massachusetts, Maryland, Delaware, and Vermont, moving wasn t a foreign concept to the Siroises, nor was retirement living. People are people wherever you go, Mrs. Sirois says. But, she adds of Linden Ponds, This is like a city; this is like a whole different world. The Siroises settled in immediately to their new world: a Jackson-style, two-bedroom apartment and the larger Linden Ponds community. We re both very positive and we adjusted right away, Lynn Sirois says. We just kind of jumped in. Lynn Sirois knew exactly how she wanted to arrange the furniture in their bright, corner apartment. When the couple ventured out for the first time to the community s restaurants, they found dining goes hand-in-hand with meeting people. It s very easy to meet people, Mrs. Sirois says. At meals, diners can choose to be seated with people they do not know, a system that encourages new friendships. Beyond that, she says, We were so impressed with the staff knowing our names in the first week we moved in. The couple also took to their servers, most of whom are high school students: They are a super group, Mrs. Sirois says. Today, two years after they moved in, the couple has a close circle of friends they invite to their apartment for a glass of wine before dinner or join for outside activities. To bring more people together in their building, Mrs. Sirois led the planning for a holiday luncheon in one of the community s catering rooms. The event was a first for the neighborhood. Of the reasons she and her husband enjoy life at Linden Ponds, Mrs. Sirois lists the sociability and the support that we both will have if we need it. Though they haven t had to call upon maintenance, Lynn Sirois says, If we did have to call, General Services is wonderful the services that you have here are super. I can t think of anything they do not have here that we would want.

Active lifestyle

The couple is always doing something, golfing in the warmer months and heading to the community s performing arts center for regular shows and movie viewings year round. A veteran of the Korean War, Mr. Sirois is a member of the Linden Ponds Veterans Association, while Mrs. Sirois is involved with a group that knits prayer shawls for those at Renaissance Gardens, the community s on-site rehab and extended care neighborhood. The couple plans to begin volunteering at Renaissance Gardens in the coming months. A master gardener, as designated by a University of Delaware extension school course, Mrs. Sirois is a member of the steering committee for the Linden Ponds Garden Club. She tends to two garden patches, one for perennials and the other for vegetables and other items for sale at the annual farmer s market. Even in the cooler months, the couple often passes the Linden Ponds gardens on their daily walks. Through their Erickson Advantage health plan, the couple has free access to the community s fitness center, where Mrs. Sirois participates in a regular fitness class. We like to stay healthy and active, Mrs. Sirois says. As for the life they will continue at Linden Ponds, she promises: This is it we re not moving again.