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The gamble pays off

Realty program makes moving, selling a sure bet

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December 21st, 2010

John and Pat Perkins were so confident in the abilities of Erickson Realty and Moving Services that they decided to move into their Greenspring home as soon as it was available. We had been on the Priority List for two years waiting for the apartment home we wanted, says Mr. Perkins. So, even though we still had to sell our house, we decided to move as soon as we could. The Perkins moved into their Greenspring home last January, letting Erickson Realty and Moving Services take care of the details of putting their house on the market in May.

Getting the ball rolling

First, Anna Greves, Greenspring s personal moving consultant, came to visit the couple while they were still in their Annandale, Va., house. Anna made a lot of helpful suggestions on things we could do to help sell our house, says Mr. Perkins. She told us that wall-to-wall carpeting doesn t sell and that we should remove it. She also made suggestions on where to put fresh paint and how best to downsize. Because the Perkins decided to move before putting their house on the market, Greves suggested using movers recommended by Erickson Living s realty program who were already familiar with Greenspring. They did an excellent job, says Mrs. Perkins. There were no scratches and no damage. Everything was packed and moved beyond expectations.

Stress-free sale

While the Perkins were acclimating themselves to their new life at Greenspring, Erickson Realty and Moving Services experts were busily at work preparing the couple s house for sale. Greves put the Perkins in touch with real estate agent Linda Maxwell, who had helped many Greenspring community members sell their homes. Linda was very helpful, experienced, professional, knowledgeable, and capable, says Mr. Perkins. She visited us in our home and agreed with Anna s suggestions. She also suggested people to do our flooring and painting. The work they did was excellent. In fact, once the work was done, Linda thought we should raise our asking price! As a result of all the hard work, the Perkins did not need to host an open house. After less than two weeks on the market, the couple had a contract in hand. Now, one year since their move to Greenspring, the Perkins are busy making friends and involving themselves in new activities. You learn very quickly that you don t want for anything here, says Mr. Perkins. There are so many clubs and activities. And the people here are very friendly. It s one of the first things we noticed. Everyone is always smiling, says Mrs. Perkins. It s catching.