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Make 2011 the year of no excuses

Erickson Living fitness centers key to achieving this year’s resolutions

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December 21st, 2010

According to the National Institutes of Health, Making exercise and physical activity a regular part of your life can improve your health and help you maintain your independence as you age. It s no wonder then that getting in shape is the most often cited New Year s resolution. Luckily for those living at an Erickson Living campus, state-of-the-art fitness centers and expertly trained fitness staff are ready and waiting to make those resolutions realities. The fitness center is a wonderful resource for people who have New Year s resolutions to get in shape, stay in shape, or lose weight, says Riderwood s Pat Davis, who visits the fitness center five times a week. You have access to all the help you need to achieve your goals, says Ashby Ponds Frank Maccini. You can use aerobic machines, weights, or take an exercise class. There s something for everyone.

Getting started

Prior to working out at an Erickson Living fitness center, residents need to obtain the approval of their personal physician. It s important that everyone working out in the gym is physically able to begin a workout routine, says Greenspring Wellness Manager Brad Hibbs. With the doctor s approval, the wellness experts at the fitness centers devise personal fitness routines based on each member s unique fitness needs. The fitness staff helped me devise my personal fitness plan, says Davis. As my needs changed, my routine was modified. I now spend 20 minutes doing aerobics each day, and three days a week I use free weights and the machines. I ve found that changing up my routine provides the challenge I need, says Maccini. Right now I m using the elliptical machines three times a week and a program of free weights. The staff is very helpful, says Greenspring s Bob Augustad. They are very good about giving you a nudge if you are using a machine or doing an exercise incorrectly. It s really good to know they are looking out for you.

Convenience is key

Another key to achieving New Year s resolutions is convenience. With a fitness center on every campus, Erickson Living community members are able to make it to the gym regardless of weather conditions or busy schedules. Before I moved to Riderwood, I was far less likely to get in the car and drive to a gym, says Davis. I enjoy the residents and staff who go to the Fitness Center regularly. Ashby Ponds Callis Cal Meeks agrees. Having a fitness center on campus is much easier than having to go somewhere to exercise. It takes no time at all to go, and you can go whenever you want.

Something for everyone

Erickson Living fitness and wellness staff provide numerous opportunities for those across the physical fitness spectrum. Each day we see people who have never made exercise a part of their daily life as well as those who ve been active for years and years, says Hattie Scardino, Asbhy Ponds fitness specialist. We have something for everyone. I ve always been physically active, says Greenspring s Ann Daniels, who in addition to working out at the gym, participates in two aerobic classes, yoga class, and a balance class. Having the fitness center right here allows me to follow a more formalized workout schedule than ever before. The Ashby Ponds fitness center is more than just a nice gym, says Maccini. We have a lot of fun events and programs that help keep everyone moving. For instance, we had more than 40 people participating in balloon volleyball last year. We also have a campus-wide summer Olympics that s a lot of fun and has people playing in teams all over campus. For those who prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own home, Erickson Living communities air exercise programs on their in-house cable TV stations.

Results that matter

In addition to helping members reach their fitness goals, Erickson Living fitness centers provide the keys to a physically fit lifestyle that can have far-reaching impact. Visiting the fitness center regularly helped me recover quickly from recent knee replacement surgery, says Augustad. At the time of my surgery I was in good physical shape. As a result I spent a week less in recovery at Renaissance Gardens [Erickson Living s on-site rehab and extended care neighborhood] than other neighbors recovering from similar surgery. My surgeon was very happy with both my recovery and my flexibility. I really think that says something about the importance of getting and staying in shape.

Bottom line

While getting to the fitness center is the important first step to getting in shape, ultimate success depends on coming back. That s why Erickson Living fitness centers incorporate fun and socialization into every visit. I m a happy camper when I m down there, says Maccini. I ve no doubt made good friends by going to the fitness center, says Augustad. It s a great bunch. I couldn t ask for a better group of people. The credit goes to the outstanding staff, says Davis. They work hard to make you want to come and work out. I started going to the gym six and a half years ago. At that time there were only a few people in class with me; now the classes are filled. I really think that says a lot. People are realizing not only the importance of exercise but are enjoying it and coming back for more.