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Not customers, but family

Taking customer service to a higher level

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December 21st, 2010

Erickson Living communities are vibrant places that enrich the lives of the people who live and work there. It s home, and everyone on campus is like one big happy family. Ann s Choice and Maris Grove, Erickson Living communities in Pennslyvania, are prime examples of how community members and staff work together every day to promote and enjoy life to its fullest. The following examples illustrate that attitude.

Maris Grove resident Maryann Starkey

Leonard and I volunteer at the TV studio four days a week. This is something we ve never done before and weren t sure we d be able to. But thanks to Heather Baver s [the studio s lead coordinator] laid-back teaching technique and encouragement, I can be behind or in front of the camera or over at the control board, and Leonard likes filming things. Moving here was the best move we ve ever made.

Ann s Choice residents Joanne and Doc Jurich

The staff here is both caring and concerned. It really is like living with one big happy family. Doc and I have even found extended grandkids in the student servers here. Doc does caricatures of them, and we ve written a few letters of recommendation for college applications. Doc even did a caricature of Joe LoCascio, our executive director, and Joe hung it in his office. We love everyone here.

Maris Grove resident Anna Potter

Maureen Heckler creates such a connection between staff and residents. We came here and loved it so much that our children followed. Our son, Lee, is in charge of security, and our daughter, Denise, runs the home health care department. Everyone is polite and friendly, and they really care.

Jessica Cotter, Ann s Choice student server

I see the residents as part of my extended family. Some of them even have pictures of me on their refrigerators.

Sally Christy, Maris Grove Community Resources Coordinator

I don t see my job as a job. I see it more as I m coming in to the residents homes to work. I ve gotten really close to many residents. Staff and residents are friendly and truly care about one another. My mother even lives here, and I enjoy coming to work every day to see my family!

Kathy McCrossin, Maris Grove Director of Sales

Maris Grove is a wonderful community setting. Everyone enjoys being surrounded by diverse backgrounds, people s passions, and the friendly atmosphere.

Becky Gallucci, Ann s Choice Community Resources Lead Coordinator

Every day when I come to work, I feel as though I am driving to my second home where I see my second family. Many folks here treat me as their daughter, and I treat them as my parent laughing, planning, and sharing with them just as I do with my family at home.

Colleen Rosica, Ann s Choice Personal Moving Consultant

I love working at Ann s Choice because it truly feels like home away from home. People have told me that they can tell I love my job and I do. It s easy when you feel like you re surrounded by family and friends.