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Perfection comes in perfect-sized package

‘Living here is like second nature,’ says Florence Miley of new Ann’s Choice home

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December 21st, 2010

Florence Miley is an independent woman, one whose living space has always been important to her. She is also surrounded by a large family, and it s important for her to be near them. For these two reasons, she chose to move to Ann s Choice in Bucks County, Pa. Miley used Erickson Realty & Moving Services to help her make the move, and recommended real estate agent Carol Mallen sold Miley s house in days. With the help of Colleen Rosica, personal moving consultant at Ann s Choice, Miley was able to visualize her new space with the floor plan that Rosica laid out for her. Miley was even able to take pieces she hadn t even listed on the floor plan. Ms. Miley was thrilled that the additional furniture fit so nicely in her new Dawson-style apartment home. I always leave some extra space on the floor plan for moments just like these, Rosica says. Unplanned pieces that Miley was able to bring a Victorian stand that holds collectibles, a hallway table with mirror that she says looks much better here, and a dining table with four chairs. It s not crowded at all, and I m surrounded by all the things I need and want, Miley says.

Suits her style

Living at Ann s Choice fits Miley s lifestyle. An avid reader, Miley enjoys sitting on her patio in the shadow of the trees just outside her apartment home, watching and greeting her neighbors who go by. Everyone here is so friendly, and I m never alone, Miley says. With a library on-site and plenty of books on the shelves outside of the Fireside Caf , Miley has lots of choices in reading material. Miley settled into her new apartment just as quickly and easily as her house sold, and she never felt homesick for her old space. Living here is like second nature, Miley says, like I ve always been here.