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Sold in ten days

Overland Park snowbirds waste no time enjoying Tallgrass Creek living

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December 21st, 2010

George and Phyllis Chamblin were living in a patio home in Overland Park when they first learned about Tallgrass Creek a few years ago. Their patio home was maintenance controlled, so they didn t have to worry about chores like mowing the lawn or shoveling snow. But the home didn t offer them all of the perks that come with an Erickson Living community like an on-site fitness center and doctor s office and dozens of daily recreational activities and hundreds of friends to enjoy them with.

Memorable first impression

The couple joined Tallgrass Creek s priority list and took a trip with other members to visit another Erickson Living community in Dallas. Mrs. Chamblin said she knew the moment they arrived that she and her husband would eventually move to an Erickson Living community. There was a beautiful scripture verse above the door, and I had such a wonderful warm glow, she says. The inside was decorated in beautiful bright colors, and the food was excellent. The Chamblins continued to attend Tallgrass Creek s priority list events, where they became acquainted with other residents. When a Stratford-style apartment home, which had previously been sold out, became available at Tallgrass Creek, the couple jumped at the chance to move.

Want to sell your house in ten days?

As prospective Tallgrass Creek residents, the Chamblins had access to Erickson Realty and Moving Services, a free program through which new residents can access a suite of services to assist them in selling their houses and beginning their new retirement lifestyles at an Erickson Living community. The couple worked with Tallgrass Creek Retirement Counselor Judy Baxter, who was available every step of the way to offer expert guidance and trusted referrals. With nine other properties for sale in their neighborhood, the first thing the Chamblins needed was a good real estate professional. Baxter referred the Chamblins to a husband-wife real estate team that has helped many Tallgrass Creek residents sell their houses. We thought they were wonderful and very experienced in selling homes because they have been in the business for 20 years, Mrs. Chamblin says. She was right the team sold the Chamblins patio home in just over two weeks a marvel in today s market.

At your service every step of the way

With their house sold months before they anticipated it would be, the Chamblins had to immerse themselves immediately into the business of deciding which pieces of furniture and personal items to keep, packing them up, and selling the rest. Fortunately, Baxter was available with more handy referrals. She connected the Chamblins with Gentle Moves, a company that assists many Tallgrass Creek residents with packing and unpacking. She also provided them with some information on holding an estate sale and referred them to a reliable moving company. Judy [Baxter] was extremely helpful, Mr. Chamblin says. She came to our house a few different times.

Resort living without resort prices

Thanks to all of the expert assistance, the Chamblins move went off without a hitch. They are now happily settled in their two-bedroom, two-bath apartment home. Mr. Chamblin says the 1,325-square-foot apartment has plenty of space for all of their furniture, and because it is a corner unit, it gets sun exposure on two sides. The Chamblins agree that one of the best parts of living at Tallgrass Creek is the easy access to leisure activities and the abundant opportunities to socialize. With its well-appointed clubhouse and top-notch restaurant, where residents dine each night, Mrs. Chamblin likens living at Tallgrass Creek to resort living and her husband agrees. It gives you the feeling of being on a cruise ship, he says.

The price is right for snowbirds

The Chamblins also own a condo in Scottsdale, Ariz. So when the temperatures turn cold in the Midwest, the couple heads southwest for a warm and sunny winter. Tallgrass Creek offers pro-rated rates to snowbirds so those residents don t have to pay for time they are not living at the community. Mr. Chamblin said that financial consideration was one of the many factors that made Tallgrass Creek their number one choice. They have a sliding scale based on how long you re gone, he says. Frankly, that was attractive to me, and Tallgrass Creek s program was far superior to those of other retirement communities.