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An experienced leader

Peter Crane takes the helm at Tallgrass Creek

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January 25th, 2011

As 2011 gets underway, Tallgrass Creek will be under the leadership of a new executive director. Peter Crane already has several years of experience working for Erickson Living. He served as assistant executive director and executive director at two Erickson Living communities in Michigan.

24/7 customer service

Crane was previously the CEO of a Friendship Village retirement community in Dayton, Ohio. Before beginning his career in retirement living, Crane worked in the airline industry for 20 years. He says his experience troubleshooting for commercial airlines unexpectedly prepared him to work in retirement living because both industries are focused on customer service and require 24/7 operations. When Crane decided to take his career in a different direction, working with older adults appealed to him. It s a good fit for my personality because I like helping people and being a part of residents lives, Crane says.

Open-door policy

When Crane says he wants to be a part of residents lives, he truly means it. When he decided to transfer from Dearborn, Mich., to Tallgrass Creek in Overland Park, Crane s wife and children weren t able to immediately make the move to Kansas. So, while he and his family are searching for a new permanent residence, Crane is living in an apartment home at Tallgrass Creek. He s not just spending his workdays at the community; he s there around the clock, which gives him a unique glimpse into life at Tallgrass Creek and plenty of opportunities for casual conversations with community members in the clubhouse or the fitness center. At a recent town hall meeting, Crane told residents more about himself and his goals for the community. He explained he wants to keep the lines of communication open between residents and staff. Our doors are always open, Crane says. You can always go right to the source, so don t be bashful.

Strong and growing

His goal as the top executive at Tallgrass Creek is to help lead the community as it continues to grow and develop. He says he will draw on his experience working for older and larger Erickson Living communities as Tallgrass Creek expands. Tallgrass Creek is a young community and only partly developed, Crane says. What I m bringing to Tallgrass Creek is leadership for further development. Crane says Tallgrass Creek is a strong, stable, and vibrant community, and he looks forward to helping it develop. I wouldn t be moving my family out here and starting a new life in Kansas if I didn t think this was a community that was going to grow, he says.

Running man

Crane s wife, Leslie, and his son, David, plan to move to Kansas in June. His daughter, Lauren, is currently away at college. When Crane isn t working, he relaxes by running. He s completed three marathons and four half-marathons. It s a great stress reliever and has a lot of health benefits, he says. I definitely take advantage of the [Tallgrass Creek] fitness center it s a great way for me to connect with residents.