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If only everything in life were this simple

Priority list offers risk-free peace of mind for your future

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January 25th, 2011

Erickson Living priority lists provide the peace of mind that comes with securing a highly sought-after apartment home while removing all the stress that comes with retirement what-ifs. For a $1,000 refundable deposit, plus a $150 non-refundable application fee per person, members claim their place in line at the Erickson Living community of their choice. Joining the priority list was an easy decision to make, says Josephine Willebeek-Lemair, who lives at Ashby Ponds, an Erickson Living community in Ashburn, Va. The $1,000 down payment is refundable for those who change their minds. What more could you wish for?

On your schedule

Acting as a waiting list, the priority list enables people interested in the Erickson Living lifestyle to reserve their space in line without having any time constraints placed on their decision-making process. My husband, Frank, and I found that the primary benefit of the priority list was that our position in line was locked while we made our decision, says Ashby Ponds community member Natalie Margiotta. And that s true whether you make your decision in five days or longer. To make the best decision for yourself, you need to do some research, she adds. Frank and I visited about 12 properties. Knowing our priority date was locked in gave us time to do all this. Others, like Jim Aldrich and Anne Blackburn, feel there is no time like the present. We were on the priority list and were thinking about moving to Riderwood [an Erickson Living community in Silver Spring, Md.] in about three years, says Blackburn. Then we went to Ireland on vacation and had lots of time to think and talk. We decided, Well, if it is a good idea for three years from now, why isn t it a good idea now? We started the process as soon as we got home. My husband, Don, and I joined the priority list seven years before we moved to Greenspring [an Erickson Living community in Springfield, Va.], says Kathleen Henry. I was too young to move here at the time, but I felt the time would come when Greenspring would be the right place for us. I was ready quite a while before Don. Then one day he woke up and said, I guess I don t have to take all my books. I interpreted that as a Go sign. Because we had been on the priority list, we were assured the apartment home we wanted. After eight years here at Greenspring, we are still very happy with our decision. Members of an Erickson Living priority list may, at any time, move their priority list standing from one Erickson Living community to another. My mother and I were living in Florida and spending most of our time driving up and down I-95 visiting children and grandchildren in the D.C. area, says Joan Foote. We decided we should move closer and joined the priority list at Greenspring. While attending a priority list members event, I overheard people discussing the possibility of another community in Loudoun County. I rushed to Retirement Counselor Dana Bradshaw and asked her to change us to that priority list, should it become a reality. It was no problem at all.

Using time wisely

We were on the Greenspring priority list for about two years, says Robert Bonner. We were willing to move in earlier, but my wife, Hazel, did not meet the 62-year-old age requirement. So, we used our time on the list to attend marketing events and to look at different apartment models and floor plans. By the time we moved in we had completely changed our opinion of the model we wanted. I learned a lot about Erickson Living and Ashby Ponds while attending special gatherings while on the priority list, says Foote. Reading the Erickson Tribune was also helpful. I knew even before I moved in that Ashby Ponds was where I belonged. In fact, my daughter is currently on the Ashby Ponds priority list, although she has several years to go before she ll qualify. Anyone wishing to join an Erickson Living priority list is encouraged to contact an Erickson Living retirement counselor (see page 2 for a list of Erickson Living campuses and contact information). I am here to answer questions and provide information on all the options and resources available to someone joining our community, says Riderwood Retirement Counselor Sally Sager. There is never any pressure. I provide information on floor plan designs and locations, adds Ashby Ponds Retirement Counselor Dana Bradshaw. But all choices, from the timing of a future move to the number of desired bedrooms, are entirely up to the individual. We are so happy with our life at Greenspring that Hazel and I help out at the marketing events and our advice to prospective residents is to get on the priority list, says Bonner. We have never talked to anyone who said they were sorry they had done so. But we have talked to numbers of people who told us they wished they had gotten on the list much sooner.