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Letting go of worry times two!

Couple trades in condos for maintenance-free living

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January 25th, 2011

Marion and Mike Hardy are looking forward to experiencing their first winter at Maris Grove, an Erickson Living community in Glen Mills, Pa. Residents since April 2010, they had to worry about the maintenance on not only one but two properties one in Pennsylvania and one in Florida during the unusually snowy winter last year. But before the Hardys moved to Maris Grove, they wanted to sell at least one of their condos, preferably both of them. The real estate market in Pennsylvania was a little better than the one in Florida, at least when it came to condos. Theirs was just one in a hundred condos for sale, while in Florida, their condo was one in 12 on the market. Living in two places had become discouraging for them, and they wanted to be able to relax and enjoy life, not worry about what could go wrong.

Next steps

That s when they enlisted the help of the Erickson Realty and Moving Services. Suzy [McAllister] and her associates helped us find a good real estate agent and prepared us emotionally for this process, Mr. Hardy says. At first the Hardys thought they would get the asking price for both condos, but it turned out they needed to reduce the prices. We wanted to be at Maris Grove rather than sitting on the condo and waiting for it to sell at our asking price, Mr. Hardy says. Both Suzy McAllister, Maris Grove s personal moving consultant, and the Hardys preferred real estate agent suggested they do some renovations to the Pennsylvania condo for it to sell more quickly. The two main things they tackled were updating the kitchen and adding an extra bedroom in the basement. The Hardys completed the recommended updates to make their house more competitive, and it worked, McAllister says. The property was 25 years old and still had the original kitchen layout that dated the kitchen, Mrs. Hardy says. So they refaced the cabinetry and added a granite countertop, giving the house a whole new look and appeal, McAllister adds. The condo sold shortly afterward, and the best part is they got an offer on their Florida condo on the same day.

Settled at Maris Grove

When asked how it feels to be settled in one place, the Hardys enthusiastically speak over each other, using words like divine, great, relieved. All these little things were starting to go wrong at both places, Mr. Hardy says, nothing major, but we decided someone else could take care of those problems. At Maris Grove, the couple chose a Manchester model because it has two bedrooms and a balcony that both the living room and bedroom open onto, and it faces the main courtyard. The best part of living at Maris Grove is that we don t own two properties anymore, Mrs. Hardy says. We can finally relax and enjoy life. With the couple taking full advantage of the clubs and activities at Maris Grove, they are doing just that and enjoying their maintenance-free home and lifestyle.