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A smooth, supportive move

Lexington woman enjoys new opportunities at Brooksby

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January 25th, 2011

It was always on the horizon, Edith McGuinness says of her move to Brooksby Village. Five years ago, McGuinness joined Brooksby s priority list, knowing that eventually a move from her home of 56 years in Lexington would be the best option in her circumstances. The challenges related to home maintenance had become a burden, most of her long-time neighbors had moved away, and she decided after the winter of 2009 it was time to move. With the assistance and guidance of Brooksby Personal Moving Consultant Ellen Meehan, McGuinness began to make her way into her new community. She was my saving grace, McGuinness says of Meehan. A lot of the anxiety and stress of the move was alleviated by her support and guidance. Meehan makes visits to the homes of people considering a move to Brooksby and advises them on planning their move. She also points incoming residents to additional resources, from real estate professionals to movers.

Exploration and wellness

McGuinness made the move to her extra-large, one-bedroom apartment, known as a Denton, and soon became acquainted with the community s offerings. Once I arrived and explored the campus, much of the feelings of uncertainty faded, she says. McGuinness had regularly attended exercise classes near her previous residence and found Brooksby s Wellness Center to be a welcome entryway to life in the community. McGuinness attends at least four exercise classes each week at the center and was honored as its Member of the Month last May. The Wellness Center has been more than a source of physical wellness for McGuinness. It was my best resource for meeting other residents, she says. I am grateful for the new friendships I have made. Though she spent more than 40 enjoyable years as a paralegal in litigation and corporate law positions, McGuinness says her first childhood dream was to be a school teacher. Part of what kept McGuinness in her Lexington home for an extra few years after retiring was her dedication to volunteer tutoring in the Waltham, Mass., school system. Shortly after her move to Brooksby, she learned of an opportunity in a Peabody school, where she regularly volunteers in its library and reads to third-grade students. McGuinness also lends her time to Brooksby s Treasure Chest, a not-for-profit thrift shop on the campus that raises money for funds within the community, and she is a member of the community s Page Turners book group. The future looks bright for McGuinness, who says of Brooksby, It certainly has made a change in my social life.