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Talented craftswoman fashions jewelry

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January 25th, 2011

The kaleidoscope of beaded bracelets, necklaces, pins, and purses spilled gracefully over the table could easily be mistaken for the counter display at a fine boutique, but Margaret Evans handiwork is not for sale. Mrs. Evans, who lives at Linden Ponds, discovered this particular hobby when she had to restring a necklace about five years ago. That one necklace led to many others and an ever-expanding collection of accessories made by hand, but for her own humble pleasure. It s rewarding you get to wear pretty things, she says, adding, I like to use my hands. If I m not beading, I m knitting, and if I m not knitting, I m doing cross-stitch.

Inspiring talent

Mrs. Evans finds inspiration for her jewelry-making in beading magazines, where she uncovers patterns and occasionally modifies them to make them her own. Drawing upon her abilities in other intricate crafts, she weaves flawless webs of beads into bracelets of varying styles and colors. For multicolored pieces, she meticulously plans the order of beads, stringing them together into a polished product. Each bracelet represents six or seven hours of work. With a repertoire that also includes embroidery and making clothes, Mrs. Evans maintains that her abilities and expanding collection of beadwork are nothing noteworthy. It s not talent; it s just having the patience and being able to follow a pattern, she insists. But her husband and peers disagree. I think my wife is extremely talented, John Evans says. I think she makes extraordinary stuff. The Evanses moved to Linden Ponds from Brookfield, Conn., four years ago, but they originally hail from England. Mrs. Evans prefers to stay out of the limelight her husband promised to do some organizing in their apartment in exchange for her agreeing to be interviewed for the Erickson Tribune but she maintains a full schedule of activities in the community. Mrs. Evans beadwork was discovered in a weekly crafts group at Linden Ponds, where participants bring whatever project they happen to be at work creating. When her hands aren t busy craft-making, she plays cards canasta and kitty whist in addition to mah-jongg and dominoes. If she hadn t moved to Linden Ponds, Mrs. Evans says, I wouldn t be doing half the things I m doing or know half the people I know. I ve made some very good friends. There are so many people who are truly talented in this place, she adds. Each in their own way, they re extremely talented and gifted.