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February 22nd, 2011
  • Don t be a sucker foiling scammers, February 2011 issue

Sketchy loan offer

Thank you for your recent article on scams. However, there seems to be a new scam on the block: offers of loans. They have an advantage to the scammers in that they can ask for a processing fee that would seem legitimate. At first, I would reply with a request to be removed from their mailing list, since I am unlikely to ever need credit and have an excellent credit rating for local borrowing if I do. After a while I realized that I was getting too many for them to be legitimate.

Roger B., ' West Chester, PA

I got taken

Too bad I didn t read your grandparent scam a week earlier. I got taken almost verbatim a week ago.

Marilyn B., ' e-mail

  • Not everyone online September 2010 issue

Companies losing, not just customers

Just read the reader comment regarding not being computer-literate is causing those seniors to lose out ( Dear Southwest Airlines not everyone is on the Internet ). However, with so many seniors having similar problems, many companies probably don t realize how much they are losing. A telephone number would help for those without computers.

L.C.G., ' Rockville, MD

  • Beautiful, exotic Cuba!

Cuba-China ' double standard

I must object to the blatant hypocricy of those attacking Cuba and our having possible relations with them. Why not the same moral outrage for China? They are guilty of worse human rights violations in China and Tibet. Yet not only do we freely trade with and travel to China, but they enjoy favorite nation status. Could it have something to do with the fact that Cuba is a relatively poor nation and China has become a major financial power? I ask that you print my letter to bring light to this nation s double standard. Apparently, it is just fine to be communist and abuse human rights if you have great finances and we owe you money.

Juli K., ' Houston, TX

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