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Recipe for selling a home

Erickson’s moving program proves to be key ingredient

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February 22nd, 2011

Between cooking for her family and teaching home economics classes for 22 years, Billie Jurlina spent a lot of time in the kitchen. Now that she and her husband, Joe, have moved to Highland Springs, she s keen to let someone else handle the meal preparation. The food here is wonderful, says Mrs. Jurlina. And the best part is that I don t have to worry about cooking anymore. Another worry off the proverbial plate? Selling their home. Erickson Realty and Moving Services, a program designed to streamline the moving process, is complimentary for anyone moving to an Erickson Living community. The services of a personal moving consultant, one of the program s key features, provide prospective residents with a go-to person for all their moving-related questions. The moving assistance was very helpful, says Mrs. Jurlina. Gail [Wrzesinski, personal moving consultant at Highland Springs] gave us a list of Erickson Realty and Moving Services preferred stagers, real estate agents, and movers. We had a stager come out before we listed our home to get it ready for showings. She packed up a lot of our personal belongings, including pictures, to make it more appealing to buyers.

Play up the positive

Marilyn Lair, an Erickson Realty and Moving Services recommend real estate agent, listed the Jurlinas Richardson-area home of 44 years. Pricing a home strategically in line with the competition is a must in today s market, says Lair. You also want to play up a home s positive features. In the Jurlinas case, part of their home s appeal was a bonus room the couple had added to their three-bedroom, two-bath house. We called it the garden room because it looked out over our beautiful backyard, says Mrs. Jurlina. It really was an all-purpose room. We spent most of our time there.

Perfect timing

As the couple got closer to their move-in date of December 1, 2010, they began to downsize their belongings. We let our son and daughter have what they wanted, says Mrs. Jurlina. It was so much easier to do it now and not worry about those things anymore. And, as luck would have it, they got an offer on their home the same day they moved to Highland Springs. Marilyn called to tell us that a young couple wanted to take a second look at our house. We told them that we were moving and the house was in disarray, but they came out anyway. They put in an offer that afternoon, says Mrs. Jurlina. Now that they are settled in their apartment home at Highland Springs, the Jurlinas feel as though they ve found their sweet spot. We re very pleased with how our move turned out, says Mrs. Jurlina. Our son lives three miles to the west of Highland Springs, and our daughter lives three miles to the east of us. We re right in the middle. We sleep soundly at night knowing that our apartment is secure. And to top it all off, our apartment home is on the fourth floor. We tell our friends that we re living in the penthouse.