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‘The stars were all aligned’

Delaware couple enjoys new freedoms at Maris Grove

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March 22nd, 2011
John and Jean Simms moved to Maris Grove, an Erickson Living community in Glen Mills, Pa., during the height of the winter cold, on January 25, 2011, and they were glad they moved when they did. Using Erickson Realty and Moving Services and the Move On Us program enabled the couple to gain confidence right away because of the support offered to them. We know we weren t their only clients, but we sure felt like we were, Mr. Simms says. The Simms found having all the pre-selected vendors invaluable, and they trusted the services explicitly because they were recommended by Suzanne McAllister, personal moving consultant, at Maris Grove. For their real estate agent, the Simms picked a name familiar in their former community and also on the Maris Grove preferred vendor list. Bonnie Ortner is a staple in northern Delaware. She s in her 60s, and she s sold over 1,500 properties in our part of Delaware, so she knew the area and we felt like we knew her a bit because we saw her name all over the properties for sale, Mr. Simms explains. The entire process moved quickly they both agree that the stars were all aligned. The couple had planned on staying in their house for an additional five years, but when confronted with a potential medical issue, they decided to make the move while we still felt good and could enjoy it, Mr. Simms says. On a Saturday in December, they made their house available for viewing; by Monday, they had an offer.

Priced to sell

They took Ortner s and McAllister s advice and priced the house to sell, which was a few thousand dollars under the appraisal value, and the buyers offered just $900 less, Mr. Simms says. The couple asked, What s next? throughout the process because they had only sold one house before a long time ago. We never had any surprises throughout the process, Mr. Simms says, even with the downsizing. Downsizing is an opportunity to clear a lot of ghosts out of your life and move ahead, he adds.

On the go

Now settled in at Maris Grove, they re even closer to the places they love like Longwood Gardens and the Winterthur Museum and they re doing things they stopped doing because of the limitations they had while living in a house, like nighttime driving. They ve visited the Barnes Foundation, a place they ve always wanted to go to but never had, and are going to Philly s famous Flower Show for the first time in ten years. Mr. Simms knew he was beginning to fall back on his exercise program, and he saw Maris Grove as the place where he could meet his health and fitness goals right on-site. When they first moved in, Mr. Simms was in the swimming pool watching the snow fall outside. He says he knew then he and his wife were exactly where they wanted to be they were home. We re just about as close to being as happy as two clams can be, he says in his southern accent.