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‘It’s been the best month of all’

High praise for Brooksby from newly settled couple

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March 22nd, 2011

Sitting on their sofa in an immaculately decorated living room, playfully joking with one another as they recount their story, it s difficult to imagine that Barbara and Michael Freeman have only called Brooksby Village home for about a month. Having settled in to Brooksby just after the harsh winter took up residence in New England, Mrs. Freeman says, It s only been a month, but it s been the best month of all. The Freemans visited Brooksby a couple of times over the years and began to see it as a much more appealing option. They put their names on the priority list, giving them the security of a spot in line for an apartment home at Brooksby. At that time Mrs. Freeman says her passion for gardening, which was once therapeutic for her, had become more work than fun. She also worried about her husband attempting repairs on their home of 51 years in Salem, Mass. It was a wonderful life, Mrs. Freeman says of the Salem house where she and her husband raised their three children. But, she adds, We felt many of our friends were making changes; we wanted to make the move. The couple contemplated other housing options, but Mrs. Freeman says, Going to a condo or something else was just a stop gap because eventually we might need more. Of Brooksby, she adds, They absolutely have everything.

Smooth transition

Late last year, the Freemans received the call that a two bedroom, one and a half bathroom Hastings-style apartment with a patio was available. The couple decided to move forward with their dog, Shayna, a six-year-old mini pinscher mix, in tow. Brooksby Personal Moving Consultant Ellen Meehan visited the Freemans house and helped them decide what to bring and what to leave behind. Ellen Meehan was like the little angel on our shoulder, Mrs. Freeman says. She went above and beyond. Meehan also put the couple in touch with real estate agent Mike Quail and Home Transition Resource, a team of senior move managers. Within two weeks the house was sold, Mrs. Freeman says. The transition was smooth. Of Meehan, Mrs. Freeman adds, She s got a terrific eye for style and where she left off, Dot Harding picked up immediately, referring to Brooksby s custom interiors specialist. Harding assisted the Freemans with choosing paint colors and floor and window treatments. She had the place ready in two weeks, Mrs. Freeman says. The Freemans also interacted regularly with Sales Counselor Jane McIntire, Move-in Coordinator Diane Rose, and Director of Sales John DeCecca. The people here are warm, friendly; they re nonintrusive but they re there to help if you need it, Mrs. Freeman says.

Active, accessible ' lifestyle

The Freemans are meeting their new neighbors and reconnecting with past acquaintances who now live at Brooksby, while easing in to the many activities offered in the community. There is so much to do if you want to do it, Mrs. Freeman says. The couple often visits Brooksby s fitness center, taking advantage of group exercise classes like Zumba and aerobics. We used to work out a couple of times a week. We find that we re doing more of that here, Mrs. Freeman says. I m doing more walking than I ve ever done before. Particularly during the winter s inclement weather, the Freemans take advantage of the accessibility of Brooksby s restaurants and activities. All three clubhouses and the community s residence buildings are connected by enclosed bridges that make staying indoors an option. During snowstorms you can go swimming in a warm pool, have a lovely meal you can do anything you want, Mrs. Freeman says. They make it easy, Mr. Freeman adds. Whereas Mrs. Freeman worried about her husband taking on household repairs before they moved, now the couple relies upon Brooksby s maintenance personnel for their needs. All I have to do is say: Let them fix it, she says.

Right mind-set

Often seen walking through the hallways at Brooksby holding hands slike newlyweds, the Freemans seem the picture of carefree happiness. But they admit that the move was not without its challenges, which they took in stride. This whole thing is about change, and you have to be in the right mind-set, Mr. Freeman says. There are some things you have to accept along the way. The Freemans, who have been married 55 years, brought their positive spirit and self-awareness to their new home. We took those beautiful memories with us, Mrs. Freeman says of the family home and the happy memories created there. But she adds of Brooksby, This place is quickly filling up with new memories.