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Curious about retirement community living?

These Tallgrass Creek experts can fill you in

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March 22nd, 2011
Have you been reading about Tallgrass Creek and wanting to ask some questions before taking the next step? To provide you with the information you need to make decisions about your retirement living, we asked Sales Counselor Judy Baxter and Sales Director Jean Dennis to share the questions they get most frequently from prospective residents. Chances are they re some of the same questions that have been on your mind. Read on for the answers straight from Judy Baxter and Jean Dennis. Q: How will my monthly expenses at Tallgrass Creek compare to what I spend living in my house? A: Even if you have long said goodbye to a mortgage payment, your house still costs you money each year and there is no way to predict how much. Everyone who lives at Tallgrass Creek enjoys a convenient, predictable monthly service package that covers the bulk of their living expenses. Everything from property taxes to utilities, and even one meal a day, is included. What is even better is that all the maintenance of your home at Tallgrass Creek is taken care of by our professional staff. Most people find that when they compare the upkeep and expenses of their house to what it costs to live at Tallgrass Creek, they will save money each and every month with a long list of amenities their houses can t offer. Q: What amenities does Tallgrass Creek offer to residents? A: Tallgrass Creek is proud of our 52,000-square-foot clubhouse which offers the following amenities to our residents: a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment; an aquatics center with an indoor swimming pool; a convenience store for grocery items; a local bank and medical center with our own full-time board-certified geriatrician, Dr. Austin Welsh. For your leisure and entertainment, we have an arts and crafts studio, library, multi-purpose classroom, clubhouse living room, and two restaurants and a private dining room you can reserve to entertain family and friends. Q: What kind of living space can I expect to have at Tallgrass Creek? A: We have many floor plans to choose from to accommodate whatever size and kind of living space you need and desire. Part of the appointment process is to come in and discuss how you want to live during your retirement. You tell us what is most important to you kitchen space, living space, a den, guest room, closets, patio, and many other features. We will simply listen to your needs and help you find the best fit. And don t forget, you also are adding an additional 52,000 square feet to your home with our fabulous clubhouse which is always available for you to use to play cards with friends, gather with neighbors to watch a movie on the big screen, soak in the Jacuzzi, or just to sit by the fire with a good book. Q: In what ways can Tallgrass Creek help me with my move? A: We will guide you step-by-step through this process, including helping you select a real estate agent, downsizing expert, and moving company. We have tremendous resources at our fingertips through Erickson Realty and Moving Services to help you make this move as easy as possible. In fact, our goal on moving day is to get you moved into your new home and totally unpacked, with beds made and toothbrush ready to be used by the time you return from your first dinner at one of our restaurants. Q: I am considering my options. What can I do to secure my place in the future at Tallgrass Creek? A: Our priority list is the perfect next step. When you make your appointment to meet with us and tour the community, we will thoroughly explain the benefits of joining the priority list. You will have the exclusive opportunity to experience life at Tallgrass Creek through special events designed just for our priority list members, including a two-month membership to our fitness and aquatics center. There s no better way to meet people who already call Tallgrass Creek home and who could very well be your future neighbors and friends.