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Introducing the pedal pushers

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March 22nd, 2011
Ann s Choice, an Erickson Living community in Bucks County, Pa., is filled with active, vibrant people. That s one reason why there are more than 150 clubs. Even so, there is always room for one more. Clarence Good formed the Pedal Pushers Bike Club after he moved to Ann s Choice in November 2009. Still a fledgling club it was formed in February 2010 interest and membership is growing.

Reigniting a long-held passion

Though Good has owned bicycles all his life, it wasn t until he moved to Ann s Choice that he was able to start biking consistently. His previous bike was a 45-year-old three-speed, his son s, in fact, and that wasn t going to cut it for someone who wanted to be a serious biker. So in December 2009, Good s sons bought him a 21-speed bicycle as a Christmas gift. That was all he needed to hit the road and get serious. Good previously lived in Rehoboth Beach, Del., on waterfront property, which was beautiful but not ideal for the bicycling enthusiast. Instead, he played tennis, golfed, and went boating. Ann s Choice was his opportunity to do the things he enjoyed, including bicycling. Now Good rides every chance he can, with his fellow Pedal Pushers and solo, at least eight months out of the year. He ll brave the elements sometimes, but only when those elements aren t dangerous like ice and heavy rains.

Camaraderie on two wheels

Though the Pedal Pushers is made up of mostly men, more women have started to join. There are 70 registered bicycles on campus, and 24 members on the bike club s mailing list. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 9 a.m., the bicyclers meet at the front gate, and whoever shows, shows, Good says. They ride for about an hour and a half around Warminster Park, which has a blacktop path that s just under three miles, and around the many intertwining trails. This is such an ideal location for bicyclers, Good says. Because of the park, the adjacent communities, and the business parks, they can potentially ride 25 miles without going on the main roads or the same road twice. They can even ride within Ann s Choice s 103 sprawling acres. There s so much wildlife around here deer, bluebirds, geese as well as vegetation that s so beautiful to look at, Good says. In addition to bicycling, the group does other outdoorsy activities, like monthly off-campus bike rides, as well as sponsoring special trips, like kayaking, canoeing, and skiing. They even did an event with the local girl scouts in March where two members of the group led a biking/picnicking expedition on surrounding trails. In these ways, the group can serve both our own community and the broader one, which was one of my intentions for starting the group in the first place, Good says. Good says he s grateful that he moved to Ann s Choice because he can work out at the fitness center, swim, golf, play tennis and ping-pong, and bowl, not to mention bicycling. I m riding any chance I get, he says.