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‘One floor living is wonderful’

Philadelphia woman leaves house hassles behind

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April 21st, 2011

Natalie Mann intended to live in her northeast Philadelphia house forever. Then last August she attended a marketing luncheon at Ann s Choice, an Erickson Living community in Bucks County, Pa.; toured an apartment home; and changed her mind. To secure her place in line for the floor plan of her choice, she joined the Ann s Choice priority list and reserved the exact Fairmont apartment home she d toured. Its large kitchen appealed to her love of cooking, its western view promised gorgeous sunsets, and its second bedroom offered her three cats their own room. You can bring animals here, which is wonderful, she says.

Moving made easy

To sell her house and move, Mann relied on assistance from Erickson Realty and Moving Services. Designed by Erickson Living, the comprehensive program is complimentary to priority list members. It features a network of preferred real estate agents, senior move managers, home stagers, and other professionals skilled at meeting the individual needs of people moving to Erickson Living communities. Ann s Choice Personal Moving Consultant Colleen Rosica came to Mann s house with a list of preferred vendors and a packet of information. She also brought a floor plan. Natalie s home didn t need much staging, Rosica says. She was more concerned with furniture placement. To Mann s delight, when Rosica measured her furniture, nearly every piece fit perfectly. She was equally pleased with the preferred real estate agent, senior move manager, and moving company she selected. Her two-story, three-bedroom, semi-detached twin house sold in nine weeks. This March there were still three houses for sale on my old block, and two were from last summer, she says. Using a preferred real estate agent helped sell her house more quickly and also earned her Erickson Living s full $2,000 reimbursement toward her moving expenses.

Loving her lifestyle

The senior move manager packed Mann s goods one day, then unpacked and put them away at Ann s Choice the next. Mann has been celebrating her new lifestyle ever since. An arthritic knee, which Mann had replaced this March, had made it painful to walk and use the stairs. It would take me a week to do my wash, she explains. I d throw it from the bedroom down to the living room and eventually pick it up and throw it into the basement. By the time I got it washed and dried, it was time to do another load. Here, my laundry room is by my bedroom. One-floor living is wonderful!