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Explorers discover home at Linden Ponds

Not to mention nature’s flora and fauna

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April 26th, 2011

As spring settles over Linden Ponds, Edward Petcavage is likely out exploring the premises, identifying the birds, frogs, plants, and other mammals that also find home in his new community. It s fun being an explorer; it s like being a kid, he says. Mr. Petcavage and his wife, Laura, had barely begun unpacking after their move early this year from Weston, Mass., when they began delving into life at Linden Ponds, an Erickson Living community in Hingham, Mass. Mr. Petcavage, a landscape architect, and Mrs. Petcavage, a zoologist, share a contagious enthusiasm for nature and their new home.

Natural potential

While Linden Ponds has a walking club, a national parks explorer group, and a garden club, Mr. Petcavage saw a new opportunity. Less than two months after moving in, he convened the first meeting of the Linden Ponds Nature Club. He says he expected the group to meet monthly, venture outside for nature outings as a group, and occasionally hear speakers discuss topics of interest. On his own, Mr. Petcavage had identified 25 species of birds just a couple of months after his move. He says the club will have a notebook for community members to add observations and questions about what they have seen. While her husband is bird-watching and leading his explorers, Laura Petcavage can be found photographing flowers, tending to the couple s garden patch, and playing the recorder with the community s recorder ensemble. You can try new things here that you haven t had the chance to explore previously, she says. Mrs. Petcavage played the viola for 15 years with a local orchestra that specialized in early classical music. She had given up playing the viola but heard about Linden Ponds recorder group and remembered she had a recorder from childhood. Mrs. Petcavage hadn t successfully deciphered the instrument s German instructions, but found her new group more than willing to lend a hand and instructions in English. What a warm, welcoming group, she says.

Future home

The first time the Petcavages were welcomed to Linden Ponds was about five years ago when their best friends moved to the community. Mrs. Petcavage says she had a familiar premonition upon entrance to the community to visit their friends. As she passed the trees and gardens, she thought, This is my future home, with the same certainty she had known her husband was the man she would marry. The Petcavages were still too young to move in at that time, but they put their names on the priority list, reserving them a spot when they were ready. Last year, they moved their names to the list of people ready to move, not expecting their desired apartment home to come available just a couple of months later. The Petcavages saw the Manchester-style apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a balcony. With a wooded view facing south, the couple knew it was time. [The Manchester] turned out to be perfect for us, Mr. Petcavage says. Mr. Petcavage admits he was more reluctant to move than his wife, but the couple was delighted with the resources they found through Linden Ponds. The recommended people are fabulous, Edward Petcavage says, referring to the list of resources Linden Ponds has, from movers to real estate professionals to auctioneers. Mrs. Petcavage says she called the Linden Ponds sales office frequently with questions and found the people on the receiving end were always friendly, always helpful; everybody seemed to know the answers. She adds, I m just amazed at how much storage space we have in our apartment. We ve never [before] had a walk-in closet I feel like a princess.

Outside exploration

The Petcavages also speak of the possibilities discovered outside their door. You ve got such a big space here, Mrs. Petcavage says. There is so much going on. Mrs. Petcavage has joined a sewing group, the garden club, Wii bowling, and the photography club and has participated in a Lifelong Learning history course. In addition to his nature club, Mr. Petcavage has become involved in the Lithuanian Heritage Group at Linden Ponds, jigsaw puzzles, and Mexican Train dominoes. I ve gotten involved in activities I didn t know I had an interest in, he says. The couple also frequents the on-site fitness center, which is just a short walk from their apartment home. Mrs. Petcavage says they have benefited greatly from the fitness specialists and their training suggestions. Both are now active users of the exercise equipment, and Mrs. Petcavage often swims in the pool. While considering her move to Linden Ponds, Mrs. Petcavage says she often asked people who lived in the community, When should you have moved? The answer was always, Two years earlier. She adds, The people here, they just have so much oomph in them. It s inspiring.