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Fighting hunger, one meal at a time

Highland Springs residents, staff package food for Honduran children

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April 26th, 2011

Over 100 Highland Springs residents and staff teamed up to make meals for children in Honduras as part of the Kids Against Hunger initiative. The event marks the second time the community has participated in the project. We had a greater turnout than anticipated, and we were able to exceed our goal of 10,000 meals, says Barbara Blachly, community resource coordinator. After three hours of work, we boxed up 11,033 meals. Kids Against Hunger, a nonprofit food aid organization, ships the ingredients for a vitamin-fortified, soy-rice casserole to over 60 countries around the world where children do not have adequate nutrition. This was a great volunteer opportunity because we really felt like we were making a difference, says Lois Steiger, whose job was to weigh each meal to make sure it fell between 390 and 400 grams. To give the volunteers a taste of what they were sending out, Blachly prepared several meals for them to sample. The meal consists of four dry ingredients rice, soy, dehydrated vegetables, and a vitamin and mineral powder, she says. To prepare it, you simply cook the ingredients in boiling water. It was good, says Steiger. It tasted like Rice-A-Roni. To learn more about the Kids Against Hunger project, visit their website at