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Wind Crest has its eye on wellness

With a focus on fitness too

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April 26th, 2011

There s something for everyone at Wind Crest, especially in the fitness/wellness department. Remember, fitness doesn t just mean lifting weights or getting the heart pumping as fast as it can; it s more about total wellness. Sometimes the most important thing is to just get moving. Here s a small sampling of ways to dance up a storm, make a splash, or glide your way to a stronger, healthier you.

Line dancing

Who says one has to break a sweat to stay in shape? How about just cutting a rug? The ladies who show up for line dancing every Monday all agree it s painless exercise and something they want to do, which takes the actual effort of exercise out of the equation.

Simply Motion Aqua and Land

Melanie Land leads both the aqua and land versions of the Simply Motion classes. In the water, there s a natural resistance and exercise is easier on the joints. The pace Land works at is aerobic, so the residents are toning and defining at the same time they re working their hearts. And every single major (and minor) muscle group is worked. The Simply Motion classes are about exercise, but they re also about socialization, Land says. The land version of Simply Motion Aqua works both the heart (cardio), muscles (strengthening), and balance (hand-eye coordination) by using weights and resistance bands. It s really formatted for people with arthritis, Kristy Hebert, personal trainer at Wind Crest, says.

Tai chi

The ancient Chinese art of tai chi focuses on strengthening balance. According to Joe Brady, a teacher at Wind Crest, it s not a person s age that makes them more susceptible to imbalance but rather four key elements: lack of strength, inattentiveness, not bending the knees, and not looking where one is going. The class is about balance and how to properly use the entire body.

Meet the wellness warriors

Hebert and Land run the wellness center at Wind Crest and say they love how personal their job is because they get to see residents accomplishments. In Wind Crest s recent resident satisfaction survey, the wellness center got the blue ribbon with a 91.9% satisfaction rate.