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America’s pastime

Tallgrass Creek resident starts club for fellow baseball fans

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May 24th, 2011

One of Marvin Rogolsky s most vivid childhood memories is going to a New York Yankees game with his uncles. Over the years, Rogolsky saw both Joe DiMaggio and Ted Williams play baseball. Those early outings to Yankee Stadium left an impression on the young Rogolsky, and he remains an enthusiastic baseball fan to this day. Baseball was our whole lives when I was growing up in New Jersey, Rogolsky reminisces. Rogolsky is originally from Passaic, N.J. He began his impressive career at Rutgers University, where he earned a bachelor s degree in biology. From there, he went on to Northwestern University to complete a master s degree in microbiology. At age 26, he earned his Ph.D. from Syracuse University. He began his career as an instructor at the University of Utah School of Medicine, and then worked as a microbiology professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City for 24 years.

Clubs galore! Get in on the action. Call 1-800-620-9776 today. Rogolsky taught more than 3,000 medical students over the course of his career which means he knows many of the doctors in town because a lot of them were his students. In fact, when Rogolsky moved to Tallgrass Creek in 2007, he was pleased to learn that the community s on-site physician, Dr. Austin Welsh, was one of his former students.

Looking for home

Before he moved to Tallgrass Creek, Rogolsky was living in a house in Overland Park, where he and his late wife had raised their three children. After his wife passed away, Rogolsky says he began thinking about selling the house. There I was in this big, empty house, he recalls. I didn t want to rake the leaves or shovel snow or do any housework. Rogolsky says he had seen advertisements for Tallgrass Creek in the newspaper and on television, and the concept piqued his curiosity. So he decided to make a visit to see for himself what the community had to offer. I was very impressed, he says of his first visit. I never even looked at another place because I loved the setting here and the location is perfect. One of the things that appealed most to Rogolsky was the 24-hour security at Tallgrass Creek. He has collected a great deal of valuable sports memorabilia over the years and wanted to live somewhere where his possessions would be safe, even when he wasn t at home. One of the other features from his old house that Rogolsky wanted to retain was a large kitchen, so when he moved to Tallgrass Creek, he chose a Plymouth-style apartment home, a two-bedroom with a spacious eat-in kitchen.

Shared passion for baseball

When Rogolsky became a Tallgrass Creek community member, he discovered that he wasn t just getting a new place to live but would also have access to a whole new set of friends and neighbors many of whom share his passion for baseball. Shortly after he moved to the community, Rogolsky started a sports club. Unlike other retirement communities, Tallgrass Creek has clubs and activities driven by the interests and ideas of the people who live there not the staff. Rogolsky quickly found other residents who were interested in learning more about sports, and he started bringing speakers on campus on a monthly basis. Over the last couple of years, the sports club has hosted well-known sports personalities like Toby Cook, executive vice president of the Kansas City Royals; the late Bob Frederick, who was KU s athletic director; former Kansas City Royals and Cleveland Indians players; and a sports editor fromThe Kansas City Star. In addition to the entertaining and informative speakers, the sports club also organizes annual outings to Kansas City Royals and Kansas City T-Bones baseball games. Rogolsky says the games are always a big hit among residents. In fact, tickets to this year s Kansas City Royals outing a July game against the Detroit Tigers sold out in April. I m very proud of the sports club, Rogolsky says. It s very popular around here.