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Ageless compassion

Tallgrass Creek quilters sew dresses for young girls in Haiti

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June 21st, 2011
Tallgrass Creekis home to about ten women who are active quilters and who frequently use their handiwork as a way to serve and honor others. In the past, the group has made patriotic-colored quilts for war veterans as part of the nationwide Quilts of Valor project. They ve also crafted comforting quilts for children at Lakemary Center, a local residential facility that serves children who have developmental disabilities and psychiatric disorders.

Trying their hand at dressmaking

Most recently, the Tallgrass Creek quilters have turned their hobby into a way to help people in other countries. The group sewed about 50 dresses to be worn by young girls in Haiti. They partnered with an Overland Park woman who works with an organization called Global Therapy Group (, which set up a clinic to help people in Haiti who were wounded in the devastating earthquake. Elaine Alexander is one of Tallgrass Creek s resident quilters who participated in the project to sew dresses for girls in Haiti. She says she typically makes quilts for family and friends, as well as for charity, but she welcomed the new opportunity to try her hand at dressmaking for a good cause. The dresses can be made from a pillowcase, and we received directions on how to make the dresses in sizes from 3 to 12, she says. They are adorable little sundresses that are suitable for hot weather.

Compassion is ageless

After the Tallgrass Creek quilters completed dozens of dresses, volunteers from the nearby Advent Lutheran Church picked them up to ship them with others to Haiti. Jill Cline, Tallgrass Creek s community resources coordinator, says she was impressed but not surprised by the quilting group s efforts to help the young girls in Haiti. The energy and commitment by residents to help these children shows how people can truly make a difference at any age or stage of life, Cline says. The residents willingness to reach out and help others on a local and global level never ceases to amaze me. Compassion is ageless.

Making quilts, making friends, making a difference

Lynn Lindsey says she has been making quilts on her own for almost 20 years, so she joined the quilting group shortly after she moved to Tallgrass Creek. As a member of the quilting group, Lynn has not only made quilts; she s also made friends. I joined the group right after I got unpacked, Lynn says. I really do like all of them. They are fun, they work hard, and they accomplish a lot. Lynn says she s already made quilts for all of her family members, so she welcomes the chance to put her skills to good use by helping people in need. She also hasn t sewn a dress in many years since her daughter was a child, but she knew immediately that she wanted to get involved with the project to make dresses for girls in Haiti. It feels good to help someone who needs it, Lynn says. I can t think of anyone who would need more help than people who have been devastated by a national disaster like the one in Haiti.