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June 21st, 2011

' The rising cost of college, June 2011 issue

Look to community colleges A good way to reduce the cost of college, between 30% and 40%, is to enroll in the local community college for two years. Most of them have articulation agreements with colleges and universities. The four-year institutions agree to accept all credits in transfer, provided that the courses are chosen carefully and the grades are acceptable. The community colleges hire faculty on their interest in teaching. Research and publishing papers are among the priorities of the four-year colleges and universities, and this adds to the cost of instruction.

Tom F., email

' Digital printing, May 2011 issue

Publishing opportunity for seniors Because I have a small business in the writing/publishing arena, I was instantly pleased to see this information being sent out to thousands of seniors folks who might have a little more time available to create something special that needs to be published. Being a one-person show, I am able to work with only two or three clients at a time, but am happy to say that I ve helped six authors and their books make it into print over the last five years. And, between those efforts, I ve worked with several people in preparing their memoirs and other smaller projects. This is quite rewarding for me and keeps my mind working at full speed.

Royalene D., email

' Still in the dark about the light bulb switch? May 2011 issue

Mercury exposure and bulb disposal you are likely to get more mercury exposure from one meal of tuna than from a broken CFL bulb; further, the exposure will be in the more toxic form of methylmercury rather than elemental mercury. See With respect to disposal of unbroken bulbs as many of us don t know where our trash goes, it is useful to know that most Home Depot and Lowes stores will accept them. Additional locations for disposal of both CFL bulbs and other electronic products can be found at the website

John C., Glen Mills, Pa.

' New column announcement Living faith, June 2011 issue

Constant state of being Living faith means just that to me. I begin each day with prayer and ask God to use me as His hands, feet, and mouth. It is a lifestyle of working in the vineyard of the Lord. At times it may just require a warm smile and readiness to listen to someone s problems. Sometimes it means praying with and for someone s needs. Occasionally, it means offering physical help and assistance. It is a constant state of being ready and willing to offer support and friendship.

Betty K.,Dallas, Tex.