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‘One part skill, one part improvisation, one part teamwork’

Super Chef! competition turns up the heat

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July 26th, 2011

or the second consecutive year, seasoned chefs stirred, saut ed, and seared their way through Seabrook s Super Chef! competition in June. Three two-person teams competed in front of nearly 250 Seabrook neighbors and priority list members to claim the title of Super Chef.

Friendly food-filled competition

Margot Rivera, Ruth Eckle, and Louise Plumb each paired up with one of Seabrook s chefs: Margot with Chef James Stevenson for The Seabrook Sizzlers, Ruth with Chef Talib Mohammed for The Savvy Gourmets, and Louise with Chef Brian Holland for The Foodie Fanatics. Just like Food Network s Iron Chef, each team manned a station full of key ingredients, but just before the competition began, judges unveiled a mystery component: cheddar cheese. Participants had 40 minutes to prepare the tastiest and most visually appealing dish before presenting it to the judges. The Seabrook Sizzlers came in third place with their asparagus cheese soup garnished with a prosciutto panini, while The Savvy Gourmets placed second with b chamel spaghetti served with toasted garlic bread. The Foodie Fanatics rung in first place with an elegantly prepared prosciutto grilled cheese paired with roasted vegetable soup and topped with grated cheddar and arugula. I learned a lot from Chef Brian Holland, Louise says. I was his assistant, and he came up with the recipes. I had a lot of fun. Seabrook Executive Director Art Sparks says, The culmination of Seabrook Super Chef! is not only pure excitement, but it also provides this community with a chance to show off the abilities and talents of our competitors. At Seabrook, we have top-notch cuisine created by our experienced chefs, and this event gave competitors a chance to share ideas, techniques, and recipes. We aimed to have a fun, friendly food-filled competition, says Director of Dining Services Chris Stewart. The ingredients of this competition were one part skill, one part improvisation, and one part teamwork with the end result being all fun.

Rare cooking experience

While Margot, Ruth, and Louise all cooked consistently before moving to Seabrook, they all say they rarely cook now that they live at the Tinton Falls community. You come here and the food is so good, who s going to cook when you don t have to? Louise says. The community has two restaurants and a cafe where neighbors can find delicious and nutritious options for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Everyone receives one meal a day in any campus restaurant as part of their monthly service package, which also includes the cost of their apartment home, 24/7 maintenance, and use of all campus amenities like the fitness and aquatics centers and classrooms. Ruth says she s been so active with all the campus services, clubs, and planned trips that she hasn t had time to cook. I used to have dinner parties twice a week, and I haven t boiled water since moving here. While she doesn t miss slaving over the stove, she says she does plan to make her famous sauerbraten, red cabbage, and German apple cake for neighbors. The kitchen s certainly large enough; I just haven t had time. I ll do it soon, though, she vows.