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‘Today’s the day’

Seabrook priority list prepares its members for successful retirement

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July 26th, 2011

Today s the day. If I don t do it this year, I won t do it, Jane Schmit thought one morning in May upon waking up alone in her three-bedroom, three-bath house in Toms River, N.J. Jane was already on the priority list at Seabrook, an Erickson Living community in Tinton Falls, N.J. After attending countless priority events and visiting several friends who live at the community, she realized she needed to take the next step and reserve her new home at Seabrook.

Priority list advantages

The priority list reserves people s place in line for the apartment home of their choice at Seabrook or any other Erickson Living community across the country. However, it comes with loads of other advantages as well. Priority list members get invited to community events, both entertaining and informative, says Stephanie Shelton, sales director. They set themselves up for success and an enjoyable life here by joining the priority list early and learning how to take advantage of all the services available here at no added cost. People like Jane, who joined the priority list before reserving a home and moving and who took advantage of all the special Priority List events, tend to settle in more quickly joining clubs and groups, making new friends, and feeling at home. I ve only been here a week and I m enjoying every minute, Jane says. As a priority list member, Jane, who is also a singer and choral group member, enjoyed attending musicals in Seabrook s performing arts center as a priority list member. She also attended informative luncheons about the many clubs and groups she could join upon moving to the community. After just one week in her new home, Jane has joined the bocce club, choral group, and is considering the drama club.

Acclimated and anxiety-free

While Jane admits that moving is a big job, she says she had no worries or anxieties about moving to Seabrook. I had become acclimated to the community, and I already knew some people from [Toms River] who had already moved, she says. After discovering the benefits and lifestyle at Seabrook by attending priority list events, Jane simply looked forward to not cooking, cleaning, or caring for her large house in Toms River. And thanks to support and encouragement from the Seabrook sales team, she sold her house in just one week. Through a program called Move On Us, people moving to Seabrook can choose a real estate agent and moving company recommended by the community and receive up to $2,000 in reimbursements for their moving expenses. For Jane, the decision to use a preferred agent paid off twofold: her house sold in one week compared to neighbors whose houses have been on the market for weeks and even months, and she received the reimbursement for her moving expenses. So pleased with her moving experience and new life at Seabrook, Jane says, I m trying to encourage a few of my friends to move here who could also benefit from the lifestyle.

Make Seabrook a priority

To learn more about joining the priority list at Seabrook, call the sales office at 1-800-607-2415. If you re already a priority list member, look for event invitations in your mailbox. Priority list events include chef s challenges, community programs, ladies teas, mens breakfasts, health and wellness seminars, moving workshops, and other entertaining and educational programs.