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Adventurous spirits dock at Wind Crest

The Andersens pick up and go with family whenever they please

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July 26th, 2011

Elly and Jim Andersen are used to being in the air. They re used to taking flight at a moment s notice, and they ve fostered that kind of curiosity and spontaneity in their own children and grandchildren. Though they ve lived at Wind Crest, an Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo., for the last three years, they re still actively traveling, often with family.

Flying a family affair

Jim spent 35 years as a captain for United Airlines. While soaring from one place to the next, he met Elly, a stewardess for Eastern Airlines. They fell in love and she retired her wings to raise their family. Somebody had to tend to the home front while Jim was up in the air, Elly says. The Andersens raised four children: Janet, Tricia, Paul, and Carol, and many of the family have gone into the air travel business at one point or another in their lives. Both their son and grandson are captains for airlines, and even their son-in-law pilots planes. We ve traveled together as a family a lot, Jim says. Going new places allows people to adapt to new cultures and navigate around unfamiliar environments, and now the third and fourth generations of the Andersen family are inheriting that adventurous spirit. Along with their captain and pilot grandson, David, they have four other grandchildren, and they re all branching out and creating the lives they choose. Kristen just recently delivered Chase, the Andersens third great-grandchild, and Anna Sophia Robb is a well-known, successful actress she s completed filming 12 movies, and she s only 17! Scott and Paige are both still in school, but the Andersens have no doubt that, like all their children and grandchildren, they re going to do something special.

Docking at Wind Crest

The Andersens decided to move to Wind Crest from Cherry Hill, Colo., after visiting Elly s sister living at Brooksby Village, an Erickson Living community in Massachusetts. They wanted to live in a place where they could pick up and go and not worry about anything, like the security of their home or who would look after it while they re on the go. Aside from the fact that Jim can watch the guys cut the grass and lay the sod while he reads his books and thinks, I don t have to do that anymore, there s peace of mind at Wind Crest. We just shut the door, tell the staff we re going, and take off, Elly says. And that s helpful because the Andersens are frequently traveling somewhere, oftentimes to watch Anna Sophia work. They went to London when she was filmingCharlie and the Chocolate Factory, and they spent time in Hawaii while she was filmingSoul Surfer, in which she portrays Bethany Hamilton, the professional surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack. The Andersens knew that Anna Sophia would be acting and successful at it when she was just two years old. She s a natural, Jim and Elly say about their granddaughter s acting talent, but what they enjoy most about having her close to them is when she visits them at Wind Crest and asks Grandpa to teach her and her friends how to play poker. The Andersens daughter, Janet Robb, also uses their second bedroom as an office twice a week. She has breakfast, works, has lunch, works, Jim says. We love having her close.