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Happily ever after

An RV the matchmaker for Wind Crest couple

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July 26th, 2011

Fran and Norm Fox just returned to Wind Crest, an Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch, Colo., from a three-month RV trip where they drove south through Texas, Arizona, and then west up into California and Canada. This is the couple s second trip together across the country. The first time, driving from the spring into the summer of 2010, Fran and Norm realized that they wanted to spend every waking moment together as husband and wife. Though they were married spiritually at a ceremony of union at Wind Crest on August 27, 2008, they made it official on the same date two years later. The RV solidified their union, and this year s trip made their relationship that much stronger.

Friends first

Norm was the third resident to move to Wind Crest when it first opened in 2007. Sadly, his wife, Sandy, passed away four months after they moved to the community. I was having a hard time finding myself, Norm says, so he decided to take his RV around the country to visit all of the Erickson Living communities. Fran, who moved to Wind Crest after Norm and Sandy and knew both, armed Norm with cards for his trip. Since she had his itinerary, she instructed him to open the cards at certain points along the way. I knew he was going to need inspiration and support, she says. The cards were from one friend to another, chock full of inspiring words. They talked on the phone and over email, and by the time Norm got back to Wind Crest, their friendship had become important to them both. The friendship was part of the courtship, Fran says.

Their happily ever after

Fran jokes that she knew Norm had become an eligible bachelor, but decided to ask him to go to a dance with her. He said no, but as a disclaimer, he told her to not stop asking. After some time, Fran asked again and he said no once more. Okay, I m not asking anymore, she had said in her cheery voice as she walked away. Norm stopped her, and they talked.

Spiritual union

When Wind Crest held a ceremony to honor renewal of vows, with a Catholic priest, Protestant minister, and Jewish rabbi officiating, Fran and Norm participated, and the ceremony quickly changed from a renewal of vows to unions. When the rabbi spoke, we had no idea what he was saying, but we both said, I do, Fran recalls. In their eyes, they were married. But then Fran started having a hard time finding herself. Some people were calling her Mrs. Fox; some were not. To sort it out, the Foxes hit the road in the RV. They spent three months and 14,000 miles determining if this was really their happily ever after. They both knew if they could live in a 26-foot RV for three months and still want to spend all their time together, they d make it. On the two-year anniversary of their spiritual union, the couple made it legal at the Veterans Rose Memorial Garden with the roses in full bloom.

Freedom to enjoy life

The Foxes never tire of each other s company. Norm is mischievous, with a twinkle in his eye, and their energy together is both playful and romantic. Along with the close-quarters of the RV every year, they do almost everything together at Wind Crest, like playing water volleyball and Wii bowling. They complement each other in every way and take the time to fully experience life together. And since the hassles of security and maintenance are taken care of for them at Wind Crest, Fran and Norm are free to hit the road whenever they please.