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July 26th, 2011
' The Civil War Trust, July 2011 issue

Reenactor s point of view

I enjoyed your article on the Civil War Trust very much, having been at the Chantilly demonstration in 1987. I was a Civil War reenactor for more than ten years after I retired from my career in education. In some years, I attended as many as 40 events. I have re-fought the battle of Gettysburg many times and was in the four-hour movieGettysburg, The Killer Angels(lucky enough to be on camera three times). My wife was involved in reenacting also, mainly with Victorian dance instruction, which we did after I put down the musket and moved to Oak Crest [an Erickson Living community in Parkville, Md.] where we have been for 16 years. I have attached a ferrotype of me taken by the National Park Service with a Civil War period camera. It was a full ten-second exposure in a bright July sun.

Tom F., email

Preserving America s history

I read with interest your recent article on the Civil War Trust and their efforts to preserve the lands on which so many men and women sacrificed their lives. Over the last 25 years, the Civil War Trust has saved just over 30,000 acres of these battlefields and now they embark on their most ambitious effort ever. Over the next four years, through an initiative called Campaign 150: Our Time, Our Legacy, the Trust will seek to preserve 20,000 more acres of battlefield land before the end of the Civil War s 150th anniversary commemoration. I hope that others will join me and the Trust in helping them achieve this goal for the sake of our ancestors, but more importantly for the sake of our descendants, so that they may be able to walk these fields and understand the true meaning of valor, devotion, and sacrifice.

Patricia R., email

A chance to hear history, July 2011 issue

National Jukebox website

Thanks for the National Jukebox article with the information on their website. Got a kick out of the photo of the old Victor record of Celeste Aida by Caruso. We have an even earlier copy on the Victrola label; this 78 rpm disc only was recorded on one side before they started recording on the flip side.

Willy and Karin G., email

Memories from old recordings

Many thanks for the article directing readers to the Library of Congress site where old recordings can be heard. Today, I listened to a number of those and it brought back memories of my childhood not only melodies but words as well. Being born in 1930, many of the songs must have lingered and I m sure were sung by my parents or perhaps played on some type of player as I was a youngster. Contrary to the daily newspaper, [your] publication is a refreshing read, telling us of positive happenings. Thanks to all involved in its publication.

Ruth S., email

' The Seasoned Traveler July 2011 issue

Jane Austen, the Brontes, and Beatrix Potter

I went there back [England] in 1981 and would love to return some day. I visited since I had played Anne Bronte in a not-too-well known play about the Bronte family, Masterpieces, that same year. I so loved the part, and I m grateful that you mentioned the lesser known sister in your article, who was as gifted a writer as Emily and Charlotte. For my research, I was able to find a copy of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall quite easily, but the only copy of Anne s first book, Agnes Grey, was at the NYC Public Library s main branch. I just checked and there are many copies available at

Kathleen K., email