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Best jobs for retirees

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August 23rd, 2011

The trend of retiring at 65 and never working another day for the rest of your life is on the decline. After a few years of retirement, many people find themselves in need of extra cash or craving the mental stimulation work provides. The result is that an increasing number of retirees are seeking employment. But that begs a couple of questions: What kinds of jobs are compatible with a semi-retired lifestyle, and where can you find them?

Older workers in demand

Headlines about the job market can easily discourage you before you even begin your job search. But Art Koff, founder of, says there are employers who want to hire older workers and he s made it his business to connect you with them. provides job search tips and employment listings specifically geared toward older workers. Koff says some of the most surefire methods to get a part-time job are to volunteer with an organization you d like to work for and to register with temp firms looking for people with your particular skills.

A different angle

Many people want to stay connected to their industry without continuing to work full-time. If that s your goal, Laurence Shatkin (, author of several career advice books, says you may be able to contribute in a different way that is less time-consuming. Instead of doing the career, they could be teaching it or writing about it, Shatkin says. If you spent your career as a high school English teacher, consider teaching an introductory literature course at a community college. Or, if you worked for years in the technology industry, your expertise may help you land part-time work writing for a trade publication.

Work from home

If you ve recently retired from a full-time career, the last thing you probably want is a new gig that requires a long commute and 40 hours a week under fluorescent lights. For the maximum amount of flexibility, Sara Sutton Fell, CEO of FlexJobs (, says to consider a part-time telecommuting job, which will allow you to earn some extra cash while working from the comfort of your own home, often during hours you choose. A quick Google search for work-at-home jobs produces pages of results. The trouble is there are a lot of scams out there, and it can be difficult to separate those from legitimate telecommuting jobs with reputable organizations. For a monthly fee of $14.95, FlexJobs gives subscribers access to professional telecommuting jobs that have been vetted by the company s staff.

The new way to network

Whatever your retirement career goal, you ll probably have to do some networking. Nothing can replace personal connections and face-to-face interaction, but in this day and age, you should also network online. That doesn t mean you have to master Facebook or Twitter, but Sutton Fell says all job seekers should have an updated LinkedIn profile ( You don t even have to be particularly Internet-savvy because setting up a LinkedIn profile is really easy to do, Sutton Fell says. It creates a fantastic networking opportunity because if you find a job with a company you like, you can easily search your LinkedIn network to see if you know anyone who works for that company.