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Collaborative gift for music making on Hingham campus

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August 23rd, 2011

While gearing up to co-teach a Lifelong Learning course in the fundamentals of reading music, Chuck Clutz realized that despite the many materials available to instructors at Linden Ponds, an Erickson Living community in Hingham, Mass., magnetic musical staffs were a missing but useful resource. The two Linden Ponds classrooms were equipped with dry erase white boards, but the reusable, pre-printed staffs would save teachers from drawing and redrawing as they taught. The solution was to purchase both the magnetic staffs and magnet-friendly white boards to hold them. Knowing the value of music community-wide at Linden Ponds, members of the Lifelong Learning Program Committee reached out to two key musical groups: the Linden Ponds Singers, and the Chapel Chorale the musical division of the Interfaith Council. The Singers, led by Lo Steele, and the Chorale, led by Helen Seager, made a generous gift, which the lifelong learning committee matched to purchase two new boards and a pair of musical staffs. It is the first time several major resident groups have joined to make a gift of important teaching tools to Linden Ponds, writes Joan Mahoney, lifelong learning committee co-chair, in a story about the event. A small event celebrating the gift included an improvised round of Do Re Mi among the group leaders, with vocal accompaniment from Linden Ponds Executive Director Ian Brown. Chuck Clutz and Sarah Hostetter will teach Unlocking the Mysteries of Music Notation this fall.