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Community liaisons

Resident Advisory Council makes Cedar Crest even better

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August 23rd, 2011

This month, the annual four-month effort of Cedar Crest s Resident Advisory Council (RAC) comes to fruition. On September 6, the community votes to elect new council members who will represent the voices of their neighbors to management, communicating observations and suggestions, says current RAC President Carolyn L. Krause. We are the communications between staff and management and the people who live here, she says. We are the liaisons of the community.

Election season

The election season starts in June, when RAC members recruit fellow neighbors to run for council. A nominating committee reviews the resumes of interested persons, then they host a Candidates Night in mid-August. Candidates Night is always a very big event, Carolyn says. The candidates present themselves in the performing arts center, and we feature the presentations on our internal TV channel. There s a lot of politicking going on; it s a lot of fun. Come September 6, all community members will be able to vote via private ballots. Polls take place in each of Cedar Crest s three clubhouses, with absentee ballots available. It s a very exciting time; the community is bustling with activity even more than usual, Carolyn says.

Putting suggestions into action

Once elected, RAC members volunteer to serve their community for a three-year term. The nine-member council includes an executive team of president, vice president, treasurer, and a non-voting secretary. The RAC meets monthly as a group, and they also meet monthly with Cedar Crest Executive Director Cathy Guttman to share any of those observations and suggestions made by fellow neighbors. Sometimes it s easier for a resident to come to a fellow resident with a suggestion or concern. So we act as the liaison. With everybody sharing their time, talents, and creativity, it s amazing what s been accomplished here, Carolyn says.

Decade of accomplishments

She lists among the many improvements suggested by community members and achieved by the RAC: biodiesel fuel for community shuttle busses; curb accessibility where needed; support for the model railroad club; a woodworking studio and a quilting room; and additional book shelves for the libraries. Cedar Crest celebrates its tenth anniversary this year; I want to go back ten years and archive all the many things the RAC has done, she says. Carolyn says the RAC not only supports the 184 groups and clubs at Cedar Crest but also provides peer support to fellow neighbors. Residents can come to any RAC member for anything. New community members find us especially helpful, even if it s just to ask where they can buy stamps. We are here for them, and they know who we are.