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Community liaisons

Resident Advisory Council makes Seabrook even better

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August 23rd, 2011

This month, the annual three-month effort of Seabrook s Resident Advisory Council (RAC) comes to fruition. On September 20, the community votes to elect new council members who will represent the voices of their neighbors to management of the Tinton Falls community. RAC facilitates communication between management and residents, says current RAC President Jeanne McArthur. As president, she says, her focus has been on building communication and partnership between the RAC and board of directors through many meetings with department directors and conversations with residents, and following through.

Election season

The election season starts in July, when RAC members recruit fellow neighbors to run for council. At the end of August, the current RAC interviews candidates, and in turn, candidates may ask questions regarding duties and responsibilities of RAC service. Mid-September, the RAC invites community members to Candidates Night in the auditorium. Residents get to know the candidates before election, says Ann Barnes, the RAC secretary. Finally, on September 15, absentee voting occurs, and on September 20, the election takes place on campus. Seabrook neighbors may vote at polling stations located in each clubhouse living room and outside the Tides Cafe, one of the community s three restaurants. That evening, RAC members count the votes and then notify those elected. It s all an exciting time, and people look forward to seeing the results, Ann says. We get to find out about the many interesting, hidden talents people have here in our community.

Liaisons of the community

Once elected, RAC members volunteer to serve their community for a three-year term. The nine-member council includes an executive team of president, vice president, treasurer, and a non-voting secretary. The RAC meets monthly as a group in addition to meeting twice monthly with Seabrook Executive Director Art Sparks to share any observations and suggestions made by fellow neighbors. Additionally, each RAC member takes responsibility for a department, such as dining. It s often easier when a resident has a concern to talk to a fellow resident, Jeanne says. We develop relationships with the [Seabrook] executive team and department directors. Through those relationships, a lot of residents suggestions have been implemented. Jeanne lists among the many improvements suggested by community members and achieved by the RAC: an additional card room and comfortable outdoor seating area for the Town Square Clubhouse.