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Feel of family

‘Ambassadors’ share their love of Wind Crest with visitors

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August 23rd, 2011

Wind Crest s Ambassador Program is a way for prospective residents to go straight to the source the residents who call this Erickson Living community in Highlands Ranch home and ask them questions centered around food, social calendars, and what it really means to live on campus.

Sharing experience

Within six months of moving to Wind Crest, Bev and Vince Swinney became ambassadors. They had such a positive experience moving to the community from Texas that they were eager to share their story with others. It took the Swinneys two years to decide to make the move, and over that timeframe, they stayed in the guest suite on campus for 16 days to see if community living was really for them. They wanted to immerse themselves into life at Wind Crest and experience first-hand all of the amenities and services people enjoy every day there. We gained much more than we gave up, Vince says. Another factor in choosing Wind Crest was the proximity of the campus to the Swinneys son, daughter-in-law, and grandchildren. We didn t want our grandchildren to look at a photo album and not know who we were, they say. Moving to Wind Crest was a positive lifestyle change, and as ambassadors, Bev and Vince love being a resource for others by sharing what moving has meant to them. Shala and Duffy Deardorff moved to Wind Crest four years ago when it opened. Seeing the construction as they walked their daily route around the Highline Canal piqued their curiosity. They decided to go straight to the source by spending several days at Eagle s Trace, another Erickson Living community in Houston, Tex. They rented a guest suite and immersed themselves in community life, asking questions of all the residents they saw. We wanted to get the true perspective, Shala says. That s why I feel the Ambassador Program is so important. Our purpose as ambassadors is to share our experiences with people, Shala says.

One big happy family

Living in an Erickson Living community is like being part of a big family. The Swinneys felt it when they visited Wind Crest, and the Deardorffs noticed it at Eagle s Trace. What the Swinneys have gained is priceless to them being close to their family, getting to know new and wonderful neighbors, and the food. People can t believe how good the food is here, Bev says. Our ambassadors are a special group of residents who volunteer to share their experience and unique perspective with visitors, says Meghan Saylor, director of the Ambassador Program. They know moving is a huge decision because they have done it, and they are able to share tremendous insights to smooth the way for others just starting to plan for retirement. According to the Wind Crest Ambassadors, some of the best aspects of living on campus are the views of the mountains, the food (of course), the on-site doctors office, the social calendars You can be as active as you want to be, Vince says and the feel of family. We are not just neighbors here, Bev adds, we are like a whole family. When one is ill, we all hurt; when one is filled with joy, we all share in that. You can meet the ambassadors through the Experience Wind Crest program; call the sales office at 1-800-710-1085 to find out more.