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Read whatever you want

Tech device makes it easy, say these Fox Run residents

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September 20th, 2011

These days it seems everyone under a certain age has a glowing, beeping electronic device attached to their hand. But if you think high-tech gadgets are only the domain of texting teens and multitasking young professionals, think again. In fact, many reports show that older adults are adopting new technology at rapid rates. Several people living at Fox Run, an Erickson Living community in Novi, Mich., have started reading in a whole new way. About six tech-savvy residents now use Nooks, the electronic reading device sold by Barnes & Noble. The eBook reader weighs about eight ounces and measures just six inches but it can store thousands of books, newspapers, and magazines. The device is Internet enabled, which means users can purchase the latest bestseller or download their favorite magazine with the click of a button.

On-site tech support

Fox Run community member Phyllis Hertler received a Nook from her son as a gift last Christmas. I was excited about it, but I didn t know how to use it, and I had to get instructions and help in learning how to make it work. Fortunately, Phyllis did not have to look far for a little technological assistance. The Fox Run staff has arranged for Betsy Storrs, a representative from a local Barnes & Noble to hold Nook demonstrations once a month. After attending a few sessions with Storrs, Phyllis says she s comfortable using her eBook reader. [Betsy Storrs] responded to our questions and gave us each individual attention, Phyllis says. Phyllis has found that the Nook offers a few distinct advantages over regular books. She likes that it is lightweight, and she says you can enlarge the font size making it easier to read if your eyesight isn t what it used to be. Storrs says the ability to make fonts larger is one of the key factors that makes the Nook so attractive. In fact, she says, it has enabled people with low vision to continue reading avidly. The majority of large print books are really limited and expensive, Storrs says. This is a way for them to read whatever they want.

Try before you buy

Fellow Fox Run neighbor Theresa Bizek also attended a few of Storrs Nook demonstrations before she decided to invest in the device. She liked what she saw and ultimately decided to make the purchase. I like the Nook because I can check out books from the local library, Theresa says. I mainly got it for going on trips, but now I use it quite a bit even at home. I can go out on my patio and read.