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All the right (retirement) moves

Expert offers advice on one of life’s biggest decisions

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October 25th, 2011

Moving to a new home may be exciting, but it s no walk in the park that is, if you re doing it yourself. Erickson Living communities, like Wind Crest, in Highlands Ranch, Colo., have simplified the moving process, from selling your house to settling into your new home. Beth Brandenburg, Wind Crest s personal moving consultant, is a leading expert in home sales and moving. Here she answers a few of the most frequently asked questions she receives when meeting with retirees interested in moving to Wind Crest. Q: Why do I need a real estate agent? A: Today s market poses challenges unseen in the past. In this competitive market, individuals who don t use professional resources are at more of a disadvantage. Buyers these days are taking matters into their own hands by conducting online research before they tell their real estate agent which properties they d like to see. If sellers have no online presence, like our network of approved agents do, then they re automatically at a disadvantage. Real estate agents are not only knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to the market, they can also take professional photographs, stage the house, and use proper wording to attract buyers. In today s market, the house really does need to show like a model home. Professionals have the experience and resources to create the perfect look that will turn buyers heads. They understand current market trends that will sell a house. In addition, do-it-yourself sellers don t have access to the golden MLS, the multiple listing system that reveals detailed information about house listings and is generally reserved for agents eyes only. Q: I m overwhelmed. How can your team help? A: Downsizing can be overwhelming, especially if you don t have the help and assistance of the Wind Crest team. Upon my initial visit to your house, I ll show you the layout of your Wind Crest apartment home and together we can logistically place your furniture. Next, we bring in Senior Move Managers, one of our trusted, approved partners that not only takes care of the physical aspects of downsizing, they ll also pack and unpack for you. They help you make realistic decisions and take the heavy lifting off your shoulders. On top of all this expertise, you can be reimbursed up to $2,000 off of your moving expenses. Q: What should I expect on move-in day? A: Before move-in day, your senior move manager will pack your belongings and prepare them for the moving company, which we can help you choose based on our list of trusted and preferred professionals. When the movers arrive, they will carefully load and transport your belongings to your new home at Wind Crest. Movers will unload your belongings, while your senior move manager helps you direct and unpack. Unloading generally takes four hours, while unpacking can take up to a day and a half. Without the help of our senior move manager, this process could take up to a week or longer! I highly recommend packing an overnight bag, including pajamas, a change of clothing, pillows, and bed sheets. That way, everything you need for the night is at your fingertips, and you can spend the time getting to know your new home and neighbors. We are proud to say all we want for your first night is to enjoy dinner on us.