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The full continuum

Riderwood’s lifestyle, health care unrivaled

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October 25th, 2011

At Riderwood, the Erickson Living community in Silver Spring, Md., the focus of its continuing care neighborhood is on providing safety, security, and peace of mind for its community members. People choose to live at an Erickson Living community because of the active, vibrant lifestyle it offers and because, if an individual s health care needs ever change, the community provides all levels of care right on campus. Sally Sager, Riderwood s sales counselor, explains why the type of lifestyle and health care Riderwood provides creates a peace of mind unrivaled in the retirement community industry.

Q: What is continuum of care and what services does Riderwood offer?

A:As we age, our health care needs change. At Riderwood, we offer services dedicated to providing the best care possible at any level of health. Our medical staff specializes in the unique needs of the aging population and works exclusively with our residents. Most people move to an Erickson Living community like Riderwood because everything they need is in one location, including their medical team of physicians, nurses, and a pharmacy and they don t have to leave to visit their doctor. Our medical center keeps secure electronic medical records, a valuable resource in an emergency on or off campus. Should a community member require hospital care, our medical staff on campus works closely with the hospital to coordinate care for when he or she returns home. Our Riderwood doctors even visit residents at the hospital. All of this translates to personalized care. Throughout the community and in each apartment bedroom and bathroom, emergency pull cords provide a simple yet effective level of safety. If someone pulls one of those cords, EMTs and first responders will arrive within two or three minutes. We have what we call a commitment to zero uncertainty, which, when it comes to health, is the only way to live.

Q: What if my health care needs change?

A: If you need extra help, Riderwood provides extensive services to meet your needs. We offer home support, certified home health and outpatient rehabilitation. We also have a full range of services to offer support while the individual maintains independence. Of course, if assisted living were ever needed, Renaissance Gardens, our continuing care neighborhood, offers a place where people can get the care they need and the individual attention they deserve. In addition to assisted living, Renaissance Gardens provides memory care, short-term rehab (including physical, speech, and occupational therapy), skilled nursing, and even respite care for when an extended caregiver needs time to fulfill other obligations. The levels of care offered at Riderwood could benefit an individual for life.

Q: How does Riderwood help me stay healthier, longer?

A: Our goal at Riderwood, of course, is preventive maintenance. Our fitness center, along with classes in tai chi and balance, help to prevent major injuries and also aid recovery time. Since Riderwood is a fee-for-service community, it s important to know that our community members control their own care. They only pay for the services they need at any given time. The transition between levels of care is truly seamless. We want our residents to be happy and healthy, and the best way to do that is to anticipate future needs they may have and create lifestyle solutions that stand up to the Erickson Living name: healthy, vibrant solutions that create peace of mind for community members and their families.