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Move to the Rhythm

Wind Crest clubs keep the beat for fitness

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October 25th, 2011

At the end of the summer, the drumming club and Zumba fitness class at Wind Crest joined forces to celebrate movement. Move to the Rhythm, a segment of a quarterly wellness workshop at the Highlands Ranch community, brought the two groups together for a day of music and movement. The drums, played by community members, invoked primal movements and kept the Zumba participants dancing across the floor. More than 100 residents, staff, and even a professional belly dancer got their groove on. The event not only celebrated how a body can move but also introduced many residents to new activities available at their community.

Natural rhythm

Allyson Schmidt, who works in the Wind Crest fitness center and leads the Zumba class, came up with the Move to the Rhythm theme because she believes everyone, regardless of their physical condition, can and should move their body. Movement makes a person feel better, she says. The energy in the room was amazing, Schmidt says, and how we shared not only the music and dance, but so many smiles in one place it made me overwhelmed with joy! The drums brought out the natural rhythm, says Ray Greenway, a Wind Crest resident who had never done Zumba before. He had so much fun that he s hoping to incorporate the class into his schedule in the fall.

Get up and dance!

Zumba, a fitness phenomenon crossing the nation, predominantly focuses on dance. While few men have taken the regular Zumba class at Wind Crest, many participated during Move to the Rhythm. Ray, who spends most of his exercise time in the fitness center and on the elliptical machine, thinks the Zumba class is a great alternative for people who don t like to exercise. It s exercise, but it tricks you because it s so much fun, he says. Charlotte Adgie, who takes Schmidt s class twice a week, was thrilled to perform in front of everyone. Dancing is good for the body and the brain, she says. It s true, says Schmidt, dance uses coordination to enhance both physical and mental health. Allen Thomas has been dancing all his life; he and his wife love ballroom dancing particularly. He had no problem getting up and stepping to the beat. Dancing is a great exercise because it s fun, and when people see you moving and having fun, then they want to get up and do it too, he says. Schmidt was pleased by the participation and interest in the event, and she s even gotten a few new regulars to take her Zumba class.