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Releasing the burdens of home ownership

Linden Ponds’ Cathleen Gray discusses how

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October 25th, 2011

Cathleen Gray has worked for Erickson Living since 2006 and has been the sales counselor at Linden Ponds since this spring. Here she shares her answers to the most frequently asked questions about Linden Ponds, the Erickson Living community in Hingham, Mass.

Q: What does Linden Ponds status as a not-for-profit organization mean for people living there?

A: When you re a not-for-profit, you re driven by a mission: a mission to ensure that residents have a healthy, happy, engaged lifestyle and that this community and lifestyle encompass all of the amenities and services the residents expect and deserve. It s about the people.

Q: A move at any age is a big financial decision. Why should people consider life at Linden Ponds rather than staying in their houses?

A:First, Linden Ponds recent financial restructure has positioned this community for long-term financial stability and success. Our financial strength puts us in the perfect position to continue to grow when the market demands and economic conditions warrant. Look at what s been happening in this country between the economy and the real estate market. Linden Ponds offers the fully refundable entrance deposit, which gives people the ability to protect their nest egg. If a house was worth $350,000 at the top of the market and then property values dip 20% 30%, they re only going to get for their property what someone is willing to pay. In this example, they may only expect to see a house sale of $262,500. Having the refundable entrance deposit provides peace of mind to protect that legacy for their family. Second, excellent health care that is available to our community members right in their own home is a benefit you can t begin to put a price on. Finally, when I walk through the community with prospective residents and we pass by community members, invariably the customer will turn to me and ask, Are people always this happy? The answer is yes, in part because they are no longer burdened by home ownership. If you re not taking care of the house yourself, you re paying somebody to, so it s either a physical or financial burden. Linden Ponds residents do what they want to do on a daily basis, not what they have to do.

Q: What do the monthly fees cover?

A: All living expenses: utilities, basic cable TV, trash removal, security, one meal a day at one of Linden Ponds restaurants. The Linden Ponds monthly service package covers everything except the phone. It just makes life really easy and monthly expenses very predictable all throughout the year.

Q: What kind of lifestyle does Linden Ponds offer?

A: Linden Ponds has more than 1,200 residents and 170 resident-driven clubs. The community is diverse, the lifestyle is vibrant, and there is something for everyone. For example, at one of our many summer concerts, there were about 300 people out on the lawn enjoying the concert and sipping lemonade. This great sense of community and social engagement is just so important to a happy, healthy life.

Q: What options do residents have if they encounter financial hardship while living at Linden Ponds?

A: Linden Ponds is a not-for-profit community dedicated to supporting residents who experience an unforeseen change in financial situation. Should your finances change for reasons beyond your control, our Home for Life Commitment provides several options so you can protect your future. Ask to see our Residence and Care Agreement for complete details.

Q: What would you recommend for people interested in making a move before winter?

A: Last winter was a really rough one; many people found themselves stuck at home due to icy and snowy conditions, which is very isolating. My customers have all expressed concerns lately with one common theme they don t want to deal with another winter like the last one, so we ve been very busy reserving apartment homes and helping people move in. We re at a point now where we aren t going to have enough inventory, so I would recommend getting proactive don t wait!