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Clear out the clutter

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November 22nd, 2011

One of the easiest and least expensive ways to increase the salability of your property is to simply remove the clutter. Not only will your property become more desirable to buyers, but by leaving behind years of accumulation you will have a fresh, clean start in your new home. For the purpose of selling, anything that overpowers the space of your property can be perceived as clutter. Some items to consider doing away with are piles of paperwork, collectibles, items that are broken or have no use, as well as extra furniture. Taking away unnecessary items from table surfaces, walls, and shelves, as well as removing excess furniture, will create a fresh, clean, and open appearance that welcomes buyers.

One room at a time

Not sure where to start? You ll stay better focused on the task if you work in one room at a time. The living room is a great place to get started on decluttering, as it is generally the first impression inside your property. Gradually move on to other main living spaces the kitchen, family room, and finished basement. Then work your way into bedrooms and bathrooms and eventually through all closets, cabinets, and dresser drawers. You may wish to create a sorting area in another room or garage. This will allow you to immediately remove items from the room you are working in and give you a space to sort them into piles labeled trash, sell, family, donate, and keep. For many sellers, the thought of going through their items and deciding exactly what to do with them can be overwhelming. Invite others to help you work toward your goal. Take advantage of donation pickup services, estate sale services, auctions, and paper shredding for your personal documents. Family and friends can also be a wonderful resource, and a personal moving consultant can work with you to create a personalized plan to tackle the clutter. Regardless of how much clutter you have, with the right planning and resources, your property can be clutter-free in no time, making it much more attractive to buyers.