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Curb appeal— first impressions matter

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November 22nd, 2011

When preparing a house for the market, everyone tends to concentrate so much on the inside of the house that we forget about the outside! Curb appeal makes a huge first impression and can bring a higher contract price on your house. The front of the house is what someone driving by first sees; it is also the first photo people see when viewing your listing online. Here are a few tips to help you prepare the exterior of your house: Paint. Exterior paint is just as important as the interior. Chipped paint on handrails, porches, door frames, and windows can be easily fixed with a professional painter. This will give the house a nice clean and crisp appearance. Landscaping. An overgrown flower bed, weeds, or a huge tree blocking the house can all be seen negatively for prospective buyers. Appropriate pruning, weeding, and mulching are all ways to improve curb appeal. Clear your sidewalk remove any weeds from the cracks and trim any bushes that may be impeding the walkway. I guarantee every person who comes to see your house is going to notice the entryway. The mailbox. This is something pretty simple that is often overlooked. Fixing a broken or rusted mailbox and making sure the numbers are clearly visible are important. A missing number isn t a good thing when people are looking for your house. Pressure washing. A professional pressure washer can make your house look spic n span in just one day. You wouldn t believe the grime that accumulates on your house and sidewalks over time. This service is very affordable and can breathe new life into your house very quickly. Improving your curb appeal will help buyers notice your house. Once they take a look at the outside of your house, they ll be curious to come see what s inside.