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It’s nothing personal

How to depersonalize your house

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November 22nd, 2011

Home staging is more than just decluttering and curb appeal. A house isn t truly staged until it has been depersonalized. Though it may be emotionally difficult for sellers, depersonalizing is essential if you want to sell your house effectively.

What it really means

There are a number of factors you ll need to consider when depersonalizing your house. When your house is being prepped for the market, you want to stage it as neutrally as possible. After all, your idea of d cor is not necessarily everyone else s. Start by removing all personal belongings that are on display; this will enable potential buyers to envision their things in the space. Here are some suggestions for depersonalizing:
  • Remove family portraits and photographs
  • Declutter countertops, dressers, and bathroom vanities
  • Remove personal collections or artwork
  • Hide away personal information such as medical appointments and medications
  • Pack away items of special value or anything that is easily broken
  • Get rid of obvious old and worn out things like couch pillows, blankets, furniture, etc.
By following these simple suggestions when depersonalizing your house, you have now made it much easier for the potential buyer to see the many possibilities that could be in their future home, and you will also be well on your way to packing for your new home.