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Send your own eCards!

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November 22nd, 2011

Greeting cards are a great way to send wishes to a friend or loved one for almost any occasion. Sometimes finding the right card can be challenging: you have to rummage through card racks for the perfect card or you want to send a special wish but don t have enough time to get to the store before the special occasion. While there are computer programs you can use to print your own card, the card selection is limited and you ll need special greeting card paper and lots of printer toner on hand, which can get costly. Online greeting card websites offer a quick, convenient way to send your special greeting. There are two options with greeting card services, eCards and traditional print cards.


Ecards are interactive greeting cards sent by email; they offer animation, sound, and custom messages you can create right from your computer. Some services allow you to add your own photos to the card or send the message directly to Facebook. Some services even enable you to include an electronic gift card with your eCard which can be redeemed at major retail stores. Another benefit is when your recipient opens the card you ll be notified automatically that your card has been viewed. Many services such as offer a limited selection of free eCards that usually will include advertising. If you don t want your special greeting to include ads, you ll want to consider purchasing a paid subscription that will give you access to a more extensive library of options. Sites such as and offer low-cost membership subscriptions that range from just a few dollars a month to $30 for a full year. allows you to purchase eCards individually or sign up for a full year for only $12.

Print cards

As exciting as it is receiving an animated eCard in your computer s inbox, nothing beats finding a greeting card in your mailbox addressed to you. Many online greeting card services can help you design and even send print cards as well. lets you design printed cards that can be mailed directly to your recipient; they even take care of labeling the envelope, adding the postage, and mailing the card for you. Many services provide personalization options so you can add your own touch such as paper quality, type fonts, and colors. Services such as and allow you to customize your card from front to back and even add your own images. For comparison reviews on online greeting card services, go to