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Special touches that add class without breaking the bank

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November 22nd, 2011

How much money a homeowner should put into enhancing a property for sale is a thorny issue. You don t want to spend too much, because you re unlikely to get it back. But you also need to make upgrades that will help your property compete in a crowded market. Here are a few special touches to help get your house ready for the market: Paint your walls and consider moldings. A good coat of paint can go a long way. Most buyers prefer neutral colors, such as off-white or beige. Another home improvement is base or crown moldings. If painted in the same color as the walls, they can visually elongate the height of the room. Update light fixtures and ceiling fans. Brass light fixtures and 70s-era ceiling fans can make a place look dated. One cost-effective home improvement idea is to spend a few hundred dollars and replace old lights with brushed nickel or bronze fixtures, track lighting or recessed lighting. Upgrade the kitchen island countertop. For properties priced at $400,000 and above, granite is usually expected. That s an expensive upgrade, but you can reduce the cost by sourcing materials directly from a stone yard. Match your kitchen appliances. If comparable homes in your price bracket and neighborhood don t have stainless steel and state-of-the-art appliances, then it might be a waste to upgrade. However, buyers like appliances to be color-coordinated for example, all white, black, or silver. Enhance the bathroom. For less than $100, you can install an entire set of new bath accessories. Replacing items such as towel rings, towel bars, and toiletpaper holders can dramatically change the appearance of your bathroom. You can also switch out the sinks or change out the faucets. If you don t have a large medicine cabinet to store items such as toiletries, consider installing a shelf or two. Many bath accessories include glass shelves that are perfect for such use. Get new interior doors. Nothing screams cheap like featherweight doors, which are often plywood and hollow, so think about upgrading to heavier, solid doors. Invest in landscaping. Because curb appeal is what reels in potential buyers, it s important to make the outside of your house look attractive too. Improvements include adding fresh mulch, planting a couple of rose bushes in your front flower garden, or lining the entryway with a colorful assortment of flowers in pots.